Tricolored Heron at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

We’re still in the birding doldrums around here. I suspect they’re just not as plentiful, as most have finished nesting and just aren’t as active.

At this time of year I have more fun in the marshes, where there’s a good variety of species and a chance for a rarity or two, like The Tricolored Herons. (Banding Code TRHE).

Egrets have been plentiful, the Tree Swallows seem to have mostly moved, and a few Barn Swallows are still here. Passerines are elusive, and I’ve only gotten a few images.

Possum Point 239

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2020-3

Black Crowned Night Heron 2020-4

You can find Black Crowned Night Herons at Kent Narrows most mornings.

Green Heron 2020-15

This Green Heron was feeding at the USNA marina.

Great Blue Heron 2021-100 Great Blue Heron 2021-99

Great Blue Heron 2021-102

Great Blue Herons will often spook as you approach in the early morning.

Osprey 2021-48

Osprey 2021-49b

It took a little doing to get this Osprey image aligned properly

Snowy Egret 2021-32 Snowy Egret 2021-30 Snowy Egret 2021-27

Snowy Egret 2021-28

These Snowy Egrets are spending time at CBEC.

Forster's Trn 2021-6

I’ve been seeing larger flocks of Forster’s Terns than usual.

Snowy Egret 2021-32

Least Sandpiper 2021-3

Least Sandpipers are frequent visitors at CBEC.

Common Yellowthroat 2021-1

There are many Common Yellowthroat Warblers in the marsh, but their song eludes me.

Wood Duck 2021-177

Many Wood Duck chicks are thriving at Jonas green.

Osprey 2021-47

Osprey 2021-46

A midsummer nest repair

Tricolored Heron 2021-18Tricolored Heron 2021-19Tricolored Heron 2021-20Tricolored Heron 2021-22Tricolored Heron 2021-11Tricolored Heron 2021-4

Tricolored Heron 2021-8

Tricolored Herons are becoming regular Summer visitors.


Green Heron at Jonas Green Park.

It’s the slowest time of the year and it’s getting hot. I’m visiting the same places almost daily and not finding much interesting. There may just be fewer birds, or I may need a new game plan. I suspect I’ve lost a step or two, as I feel my longer walks more than usual.

Both Possum Point and Sandy Point have made it hard to get in for sunrise photos, and my few trips there this year haven’t found much. Likewise for CBEC and Terrapin.

The pond at Jonas Green has been my salvation for the last few weeks. Herons, Ducks and Blackbirds are plentiful and usually will pose at least briefly.

Sculpture 1

Heron sculpture at Quiet Waters Park.

Barn Swallow 2021-6

A Tree Swallow rests alongside a Barn Swallow.

Snowy Egret 2021-19 Snowy Egret 2021-20

Snowy Egret 2021-18

I found this Snowy Egret at CBEC.

Green Heron 2020-10

This Green Heron was fishing on the entrance road to CBEC.

Great Blue Heron 2021-86

Great Blue Heron 2021-85

Distant Heron nest at Jonas Green.

Great Blue Heron 2021-87

A Great Blue Heron foraging at CBEC.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-6

Yellow Breasted Chat at Greenbury Point.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-57

It’s been a good year for Bluebirds.

Goldfinch 2021-7

You can usually find Goldfinches at Greenbury Point.

Wood Duck 2021-151 Wood Duck 2021-149 Wood Duck 2021-144

Wood Duck 2021-155

It’s the season of Wood Duck chicks!

Wood Duck 2021-152 Goldfinch 2021-6

Carolina Wren 2021-17

This Carolina Wren was singing loudly at Greenbury Point.


Eastern Bluebird 2020-56

Eastern Bluebirds have been plentiful this year.

Green Heron 2020-6 Green Heron 2020-5

Green Heron 2020-6

Green Heron 2020-7

A pair of Green Herons is hanging out at Jonas Green Park.

Trumpeter Swans at Sandy Point.

It’s that time of year when things slow down, and there may be some kind of cicada effect this year. Is it possible I’m seeing fewer birds because they’re finding food more easily? I haven’t seen that many birds eating cicadas, but others have.

It seems odd to see Trumpeter Swans at a beach, but they’ve been seen there several times in the past couple of months. They were very cooperative and ate a lot of cicadas.

Otherwise, Bluebirds and Ospreys dominated. The water is still high at CBEC, so I haven’t crossed the bridge much. I’m keeping an eye on the Ebird reports.

Possum Point 236

Possum Point 237

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Double Crested Cormorant 2021-9

This Double Crested Cormorant was fishing at Schoolhouse Pond.

Osprey 2021-39

The Possum Point Ospreys seem to have chicks.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-3

Yellow Breasted Chats are often heard, but can be difficult to see.

Cedar Waxwing2021-15

A few Cedar Waxwings have been appearing here and there.


Eastern Bluebird 2020-54

Eastern Bluebird 2020-52

There seems to be more Eastern Bluebirds than usual.

Screech Owl 2021-26

This Eastern Screech Owl has been at Quiet Waters for quite a while.

Canada Goose 2021-104

These Canada Goose chicks were sleeping in the sand.

Cowbird 2021-5

Nobody likes the poor old Cowbird, who lays her eggs in other bird’s nests.

Goldfinch 2021-4

I’m seeing fewer Goldfinches than usual.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-54

Great Crested Flycatcher 2021-7

This Great Crested Flycatcher was at Jonas Green Park. First time I’ve seen one there.

Wood Duck 2021-137

I found this Wood Duck and her chicks at Jonas Green Park.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-77 Trumpeter Swan 2021-86 Trumpeter Swan 2021-80 Trumpeter Swan 2021-82

Trumpeter Swan 2021-85

Trumpeter Swans are the largest flying waterfowl, reaching 30 pounds with an 8 foot wingspan.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-19The Trumpeter  Swan Society used some of my images.

Blue Angels at Truxtun Park.

It’s been a slowish birding week, topped off by the Annual Blue Angels show yesterday. I’m lucky enough to live near a local park where I get good views of much of the show. The best place is from a boat, or nearer the river, but those spots are taken early, and very crowded.

I did manage a couple of decent birds this week as well. I got to CBEC and Terrapin this week, and both yielded a few images.

Possum Point 234

Possum Point 235

Dawn at Possum Point.


Semi Palmated Plover 2021-1 (2)

Semi Palmated Plover at CBEC.

Tree Swallow 2021-15

Tree Swallow 2021-17

The Tree Swallows at CBEC use feathers in their nests.

Snowy Egret 2021-7Snowy Egret 2021-10Snowy Egret 2021-11Snowy Egret 2021-8

Snowy Egret 2021-9

These Snowy Egrets were feeding at Terrapin.

Great Blue Heron 2021-71 Great Blue Heron 2021-82 Great Blue Heron 2021-73

Great Blue Heron 2021-73

An early morning Great Blue Heron.

Great Crested Flycatcher 2021-2

Great Crested Flycatcher 2021-5

This Great Crested Flycatcher was gathering nesting material at CBEC.

Canvasback 2021-97

This Canvasback hen is way overdue to migrate.

Canada Goose 2021-110

I see Canada Goose goslings in every marsh.

Blue Angels 70 Blue Angels 71 Blue Angels 72 Blue Angels 73 Blue Angels 74 Blue Angels 75 Blue Angels 76 Blue Angels 77

Blue Angels 78

Photos don’t really capture the speed and the sound.

Baltimore Orioles at Buddy Attick Park.

It’s been a week, but a busy and somewhat productive week. We’re finally getting some migrants with regularity.

Where to go? I’ve tried a few places without much luck, but it’s often a crapshoot even at peak migration. I’m getting too old for all day marathons, so I’m usually just hitting two or three places.

Anyway, here’s the best stuff from the last week.

Possum Point 228

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Spottted Sandpiper 2020-3

This Spotted Sandpiper was at Jonas Green Park.

Mallard 2021-47

Mallards are plentiful at Quiet Waters.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-42 Eastern Bluebird 2020-45 Eastern Bluebird 2020-46

Eastern Bluebird 2020-41

This Eastern Bluebird has found a nice breakfast.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-1

Yellow Breasted Chats, with their bizarre song, are always a treat to find.


Lincoln's Sparrow 2021-1

Lincoln’s Sparrow is an unusual find, and only happens during migration. This one was at Greenbury Point.

Orchard Uriole 2021-1 Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-2 American Redstart 2021-1

Qrchard Oriole 2021-1

Orchard Orioles are present at Greenbury Point, but will they stay?

Chickadee 2021-9

I wanted better light for this Carolina Chickadee.

Common Goldeneye 2021-2

Worthy of inclusion only because it’s a Common Goldeneye, and should be way North of here.

Common Yellowthroat 2020-4

Common Yellowthroats are singing in every marsh.

Great Blue Heron 2021-63

This Great Blue Heron flew right into the sunrise.

Black Vulture 2021-2

There are dozens of Black Vultures at Sandy Point, often gathered ’round the dumpsters.

Red Winged Blackbird 2020-7

The Red Winged Blackbird may be our most numerus bird.

Cardinal 2021-49

Cardinal 2021-48

You can’t go far without hearing a Cardinal.

Swamp Sparrow 2021-2

Swamp Sparrows have just arrived, and some will stay to breed.

Osprey 2021-32

This Osprey was resting at Possum Point.


Cooper's Hawk 2021-7

This Cooper’s Hawk and his partner, flew overhead this morning at Possum Point.

Double Crested Cormorant 2021-8

Double Crested Cormorants are regulars at Possum Point.


Green Heron 2020-2 Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-2

Catbird 2021-3

Many Gray Catbirds are feeding at Greenbury Point.

Baltimore Oriole 2021-5


Baltimore Oriole 2021-2

This Baltimore was nesting at Buddy Attick Park.

Prothonotary Warbler at Huntley Meadows.

We’re getting some good migrants almost every day. I’m hearing about more than I see, but I’m doing OK, thank you.

Graeme and I went to Huntley Meadows overnight, and it’s a great place.  A boardwalk through the marsh puts many good birds right in front of you. A few reptiles appeared as well.

Greenbury Point is hosting some good migrants, and I’ll be posting some before too long. I thought the Trumpeter Swans had left, but I relocated them this morning. How long will they stay?

Huntley 2

The boardwalk at Huntley Meadows.

Grackle 2021-4

This Common Grackle has a strange iridescence,

Wood Duck 2021-120

Wood Duck 2021-128

Wood Ducks have been easy to find recently.

Common Yellowthroat 2020-3 Common Yellowthroat 2020-2

Common Yellowthroat 2020-1

This Common Yellowthroat was singing loudly.

Red Winged Blackbird 2020-5

Female Red Winged Blackbirds always seem to be in the minority.

Prothonotary Warbler 2020-4 Prothonotary Warbler 2020-1

Prothonotary Warbler 2020-5

A Prothonotary Warbler is always a bit startling.


Gray Catbirds arrived only a few days ago.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-13

I’m seeing Chipping Sparrows almost daily.

Grackle 2021-2

Yet another Grackle.

Cardinal 2021-47

A Spring Cardinal.

Barn Swallow 2021-3

Barn Swallows are building nests.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-34

This Bluebird is feeding his young.

Hooded Merganser 2020-2

Hooded Merganser 2020-3

We saw several Hooded Mergansers with chicks.

Green Heron 2020-1

Green Herons were feeding in the marsh.

Great Blue Heron 2021-60

This is from the Heronry at Jonas Green Park.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-73

Trumpeter Swan 2021-74

The Trumpeter Swans were in Woolchurch Pond this morning.

Great Blue Heron 2021-57

Several Great Blue Herons were fishing.

Great Blue Heron 2021-59

This Great Blue Heron seemed to catch a crayfish with every attempt.

Great Blue Heron 2021-55

Eastern Kingbird 2020-2

Eastern Kingbirds have arrived. Thy seem to thrive at Greenbury Point.

Bald Eagle 2021-17

A Bald Eagle nest at Dyke Marsh.

Gray Tree Frog 1

This Gray Tree Frog lives in a hole, and the locals say he’s often visible.

Snapping Turtle 39

A very large Snapping Turtle.

Wild Turkey at Bombay Hook NWR.

Graeme and I left early yesterday to head to Bombay Hook.  Graeme suggested a heavier jacket, and I was glad, later. It was unusually cold and windy.

I saw my first Wild turkey tom, which was cool. Now I want to see one display.

There was the usual cast of hundreds of wading birds, including Avocets and Stilts, but the star was the huge flock of Dunlins who just kept coming and coming.

All in all, we had a good day.

Bombay Hook 21

Sunrise at Bombay Hook.

Willet 2021-2

Willet 2021-1

I don’t often see Willets.

Barn Swallow 2021-4

This Barn Swallow was eating gravel (Alongside the Tree Swallows) at Bombay Hook.

Great Egret 2021-21 Great Egret 2021-23 Great Egret 2021-14 Great Egret 2021-22

Great Egret 2021-21

Many Great Egrets were in the marsh pools.

Forster's Tern 2021-3 (1)

Forster's Tern 2021-3 (2)

A few Forster’s Terns were feeding in the shallows.

Mute the poor quality audio

Dunlin 2021-5

Dunlin 2021-6

Many thousands of Dunlin were resting and feeding.

American Avocet 2021-11 American Avocet 2021-10

American Avocet 2021-12

It’s always fun to watch the American Avocets forage in the marsh.

Greater Yellowlegs 2021-6

Greater Yellowlegs 2021-3

Greater Yellowlegs were few in number.

Red Winged Blackbird 2020-5

Many hundreds of Red Winged Blackbirds are nesting in the marsh.



Black Necked Stilt 2021-2

We saw only a few Black Necked Stilts

Tree Swallow 2021-15

Tree Swallows are nesting all over the refuge.

Purple Martin 2021-2

The Purple Martin Colony was fully occupied.

Wild Turkey 2021-1

Great Blue Heron at Quiet Waters.

Yet another slow week. The Trumpeter Swans seem to have left, but the Spring migrants are not here in any numbers yet. I’ve heard this from others as well.

Greenbury and Quiet Waters  have been very slow. I’ve seen a few Great Egrets, Green Herons, Chipping Sparrows and a Yellow Rumped Warbler, but that’s it for visitors.

Wood Ducks and Ospreys are cooperating, and I’m off soon to Bombay Hook.

Visitor Center 2

The reflecting Pool at Quiet Waters.


Canvasback 2021-96

These Canada Geese are at Jonas Green Park.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-55

I did some planning to get these Trumpeter Swans in flight. I was lucky, as this was the last time I saw them.

Blue Jay 2021-3 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-16 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-14 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-10 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-9

Blue Jay 2021-2

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-15

This Pileated Woodpecker was very active at Jonas Green Park. First time I’ve seen one there.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-10

A few Chipping Sparrows have arrived.

Red Winged Blackbird 2020-4

Red Winged Blackbirds are singing in every marsh.

Bald Eagle 2021-15

This Bald Eagle flew overhead at Quiet Waters.

Osprey 2021-30

I’m seeing nesting Ospreys everywhere I go.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-7

Several Chipping Sparrows have appeared.

Great Blue Heron 2021-48

Great Blue Heron 2021-47

This Great Blue Heron was fishing at Quiet Waters.


Follow The Trumpeter Swans!

Where should I go to maximize my opportunities?  I certainly have access to plenty of information. Facebook, Google and Ebird have pretty much got it covered, but it’s still a crapshoot. I say this because I stopped at Beach Road, which is just a short distance from Jonas Green as the Swan flies, and found two Trumpeter Swans foraging near shore. I was able to get quite close by doing some serious hiking to get to the far side of the pond. It was cool to watch these giant birds calmly tipping, paddling and feeding. Are they the same birds as at Jonas Green?

No doubt I should vary my efforts more, but I also want to keep track of the Trumpeters. The Trumpeter Swan Society says these birds are juveniles and are probably not going to breed for several more years, so there’s no urgency on that front.

OTOH, I went to CBEC yesterday  and it was largely a waste of time. Yet another Spring when the warblers elude me.

Red Winged Blackbird 2021-1

The song of the Red Winged Blackbird fills the air in every MD marsh.

Osprey 2021-19

Ospreys are busy fishing and building nests.

Tree Swallow 2021-10 (1) Tree Swallow 2021-12

Tree Swallow 2021-10 (3)

Another year looking for the perfect Tree Swallow image.

Canada Goose 2021-67

This Canada Goose has an early brood of goslings.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-43

Trumpeter Swan 2021-42

Trumpeter Swan 2021-40

Trumpeter Swan 2021-41

Another pair of swans, or the same birds as at Jonas Green? Can’t say yet.

Wood Ducks Everywhere!

Well, not quite, but I am seeing more Wood Ducks than usual. I used to get them at Artemesia, but it was getting quite crowded during the pandemic, so I haven’t been there in a while. Jonas Green has been a good new source. I’m seeing Gadwalls and Trumpeter Swans there as well.

Greenbury and Possum Points have been very slow except for Ospreys. A couple of trips to Truxtun Park have been a waste. Warblers soon come.

South River 29

South River from Quiet Waters.

Possum Point 222

Dawn at Possum Point.

Great Blue Heron 2021-32

Look closely to see the Heron in her nest.

Great Blue Heron 2021-30

This Great Blue Heron is nesting about 50 feet off the ground near the pond.

Great Blue Heron 2021-40 Great Blue Heron 2021-29 Great Blue Heron 2021-28

Great Blue Heron 2021-31

Osprey 2021-16

This Osprey nest at Truxtun Park has been occupied for many years.

Gadwall 2021-21

I’m not sure how many Gadwalls are in the pond. They tend to be quiet.

Gadwall 2021-18

I’m not sure how many Gadwalls are in the pond. They tend to be quiet.


Canada Goose 2021-60

Several Canada Geese are nesting in the pond.

Gadwall 2021-20


Canada Goose 2021-54Trumpeter Swan 2021-27Trumpeter Swan 2021-30Trumpeter Swan 2021-17Trumpeter Swan 2021-26

Trumpeter Swan 2021-38

Two Trumpeter Swans have been hanging out for two weeks. Will they make a nest?

Trumpeter Swan 2021-37

Trumpeter Swans seem to be nearly indifferent to human presence.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-35Trumpeter Swan 2021-36 Trumpeter Swan 2021-34

Canada Goose 2021-61

4 or more pairs of Geese are nesting at Jonas Green.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-23 Trumpeter Swan 2021-22 Trumpeter Swan 2021-21 Trumpeter Swan 2021-20

Trumpeter Swan 2021-24

The Trumpeter Swans came too close to the Canada Goose’s nest, the Goose attacked, the Swan counter-attacked. Lots of splashing, no damage.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-28

White Throated Sparrows are always among the last to migrate.

Red Tailed Hawk 2021-8

I heard some nearby Crows mobbing something, and looked up to see this Red Tailed Hawk, who soon fled.

Black Vulture 2021-1

Every Green dumpster seems to have a flock of Black Vultures.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-31

Eastern Bluebird 2020-30

I was hoping this Bluebird would land in a colorful tree, and I got my wish.

Wood Duck 2021-84jpg Wood Duck 2021-83jpg Wood Duck 2021-82jpg Wood Duck 2021-81jpg

Wood Duck 2021-780jpg

I’m seeing more Wood Ducks than usual.