Tricolored Heron at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

We’re still in the birding doldrums around here. I suspect they’re just not as plentiful, as most have finished nesting and just aren’t as active.

At this time of year I have more fun in the marshes, where there’s a good variety of species and a chance for a rarity or two, like The Tricolored Herons. (Banding Code TRHE).

Egrets have been plentiful, the Tree Swallows seem to have mostly moved, and a few Barn Swallows are still here. Passerines are elusive, and I’ve only gotten a few images.

Possum Point 239

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2020-3

Black Crowned Night Heron 2020-4

You can find Black Crowned Night Herons at Kent Narrows most mornings.

Green Heron 2020-15

This Green Heron was feeding at the USNA marina.

Great Blue Heron 2021-100 Great Blue Heron 2021-99

Great Blue Heron 2021-102

Great Blue Herons will often spook as you approach in the early morning.

Osprey 2021-48

Osprey 2021-49b

It took a little doing to get this Osprey image aligned properly

Snowy Egret 2021-32 Snowy Egret 2021-30 Snowy Egret 2021-27

Snowy Egret 2021-28

These Snowy Egrets are spending time at CBEC.

Forster's Trn 2021-6

I’ve been seeing larger flocks of Forster’s Terns than usual.

Snowy Egret 2021-32

Least Sandpiper 2021-3

Least Sandpipers are frequent visitors at CBEC.

Common Yellowthroat 2021-1

There are many Common Yellowthroat Warblers in the marsh, but their song eludes me.

Wood Duck 2021-177

Many Wood Duck chicks are thriving at Jonas green.

Osprey 2021-47

Osprey 2021-46

A midsummer nest repair

Tricolored Heron 2021-18Tricolored Heron 2021-19Tricolored Heron 2021-20Tricolored Heron 2021-22Tricolored Heron 2021-11Tricolored Heron 2021-4

Tricolored Heron 2021-8

Tricolored Herons are becoming regular Summer visitors.


Green Heron at Jonas Green Park.

It’s the slowest time of the year and it’s getting hot. I’m visiting the same places almost daily and not finding much interesting. There may just be fewer birds, or I may need a new game plan. I suspect I’ve lost a step or two, as I feel my longer walks more than usual.

Both Possum Point and Sandy Point have made it hard to get in for sunrise photos, and my few trips there this year haven’t found much. Likewise for CBEC and Terrapin.

The pond at Jonas Green has been my salvation for the last few weeks. Herons, Ducks and Blackbirds are plentiful and usually will pose at least briefly.

Sculpture 1

Heron sculpture at Quiet Waters Park.

Barn Swallow 2021-6

A Tree Swallow rests alongside a Barn Swallow.

Snowy Egret 2021-19 Snowy Egret 2021-20

Snowy Egret 2021-18

I found this Snowy Egret at CBEC.

Green Heron 2020-10

This Green Heron was fishing on the entrance road to CBEC.

Great Blue Heron 2021-86

Great Blue Heron 2021-85

Distant Heron nest at Jonas Green.

Great Blue Heron 2021-87

A Great Blue Heron foraging at CBEC.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2021-6

Yellow Breasted Chat at Greenbury Point.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-57

It’s been a good year for Bluebirds.

Goldfinch 2021-7

You can usually find Goldfinches at Greenbury Point.

Wood Duck 2021-151 Wood Duck 2021-149 Wood Duck 2021-144

Wood Duck 2021-155

It’s the season of Wood Duck chicks!

Wood Duck 2021-152 Goldfinch 2021-6

Carolina Wren 2021-17

This Carolina Wren was singing loudly at Greenbury Point.


Eastern Bluebird 2020-56

Eastern Bluebirds have been plentiful this year.

Green Heron 2020-6 Green Heron 2020-5

Green Heron 2020-6

Green Heron 2020-7

A pair of Green Herons is hanging out at Jonas Green Park.