Black Crowned Night Heron at Depot Pond

Depot Pond is just a couple of blocks from Schoolhouse Pond, so I tried it first this morning. It’s excellent habitat, shallow marsh surrounded by good size trees, but it’s not a photographer’s site. Access is very limited because of dense growth. I got a couple of decent images and moved on to Schoolhouse Pond, which was much slower than yesterday.

I made a quick stop at Truxtun looking for bugs on the way home.

Mute Swan 1

Cornell: “A native of northern and central Eurasia, the Mute Swan was introduced into North America to grace the ponds of parks and estates. Escaped individuals have established breeding populations in several areas, where their aggressive behavior threatens native waterfowl.”


Osprey 339

This Osprey is hovering prior to pouncing.

Mallard 146

Several Mallards were hanging out at the pond.

Canada Goose 118

This Canada Goose appeared to be bathing.


House Sparrow 103

House Sparrows seem to enjoy the pond.

Tree Swallow 115

It’s tough to catch a Tree Swallow in flight.

Barn Swallow 21 Barn Swallow 20

Barn Swallow 23

Barn Swallow 22

I wasted far too much time trying to catch Barn Swallows in flight.

Black Crowned Night Heron 50


Insect 676 Ant 36 Insect 675

Butterfly 19

Today’s bugs.

Barn Swallow at Schoolhouse Pond

I haven’t been to Schoolhouse Pond in a while, so I took a chance this morning. I missed a Black Crowned Night Heron, who took off as I arrived, and some of the large birds were so close I had to reduce the zoom and shoot in DX mode to keep them in the frame.

I didn’t get anything great, but I may try again tomorrow.

Turtle 40

Turtles were sunning everywhere.

Eastern Phoebe 104

This Eastern Phoebe may be nesting under the dock.

Tree Swallow 114

Tree Swallows seem to be nesting nearby.

House Sparrow 102

There are several House Sparrows in the area.

Grackle 101

This Grackle was foraging right behind me.

Osprey 336 Osprey 335

Osprey 337

At least two Ospreys were fishing in the pond.



Great Blue Heron 317


Great Blue Heron 318

The Great Blue Herons were very active.

Barn Swallow 19

Barn Swallows are nesting also.

Northern Parula at Governor Bridge Natural Area

The threat of rain kept me home for an hour or so, and I got a late start this morning. Governor Bridge seemed as a good a choice as any, and I got there around 7:00.

There was a little activity, and I found a couple of birds right away, but it didn’t last long, so I spent some time bug hunting before I went off to do some chores.

Blue Grosbeak 206

This is a female Blue Grosbeak.

Goldfinch 205

You can usually find Goldfinches in the big field.

Northern Parula 202


Northern Parula 201

This Northern Parula was foraging at the small pond near the parking lot.

Damsel Fly 33

Fly 96 Bee 66 Golden Backed Snipe Fly 3 Insect 674 Insect 673


Ant 35

Today’s bugs.

Great Blue Heron Chick at Arnold Heronry

I went back to the heronry this morning to check on the progress of the birds. I verified at least two chicks, and I suspect there are several more. There’s heavy foliage, and most the nests aren’t in full view.

A kingbird and a Blue Crab made an appearance as well.

Blue Crab 1

I don’t often get a chance to photograph Blue Crabs.

Eastern Kingbird 117

Eastern Kingbird 118


Eastern Kingbird 119

I’m seeing a lot of Eastern Kingbirds lately.

Great Blue Heron 316


Great Blue Heron 307 Great Blue Heron 315


Great Blue Heron 312 Great Blue Heron 313

Great Blue Heron 314

The heronry was very noisy.

A Bunch of Bugs at Truxtun Park

I thought it was going to rain this morning; dark skies and serious clouds made me think about staying home, but I decided to give Greenbury Point a try. It was a real waste of time. The clouds didn’t clear for two hours and I didn’t get a single worthwhile bird image.

Truxtun Park was a little better, with some interesting bugs and flowers, but it just wasn’t a bird kind of day.

Flower 41 Flower 40

Flower 42

I’m told this is a Yellow Poplar.

Beetle 8 Insect 671 Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly 2 Milkweed Beetle 3 Insect 672 Spider 241 Spider 239

Spider 242

Today’s bugs.

Orchard Orioles at Wooton’s Landing

Back to Wooton this morning. It was very active, and Orchard Orioles were numerous. There wasn’t much action in the big pond, but I hope to see some Egrets and herons soon.

A quick stop at Sands Road produced an unusual number of Field Sparrows.

Eastern Kingbird 116

Eastern Kingbird 115

Eastern Kingbird 114


Eastern Kingbird 113

Eastern Kingbird 112

I saw this Eastern Kingbird gathering nesting material in the same spot several times.

Common Yellowthroat 201

Common Yellowthroat 200

Common Yellowthroat 110

I haven’t seem many female Common Yellowthroats lately.

Canada Goose 117

These Canada Goose gosling are growing quickly.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 306

I caught this Ruby Throated Hummingbird feeding, but the images weren’t very good.

Field Sparrow 104

Field Sparrow 103

Field Sparrow 102

Field Sparrow 101

The Field Sparrows were feeding deep in the grass, and had me surrounded.


Snake 6

This appears to be a Northern Watersnake.

Red Tailed Hawk at Governor Bridge Natural Area

I decided Governor Bridge was worth another try today, and it wasn’t all bed. Still no warblers to speak of, but an Eagle and a Hawk provided some entertainment. A few other birds were around, and the bug hunting is getting a little better.

Common Yellowthroat 109

Common Yellowthroats are fairly common at Governor Bridge.

Prothonotary Warbler 140

Prothonotary Warblers nest at Governor Bridge.

Bald Eagle 415

Bald Eagle 417


Bald Eagle 416

This Bald Eagle was across the lake, so I walked all the way around to get closer, and he actually waited for me.

Brown Thrasher 100

I’m seeing more Brown Thrashers lately.

Eastern Towhee 104

Eastern Towhees will perch high and sing at length.

Wood Duck 259

Wood Duck 258

This female Wood Duck was hiding in the lily pads, and I wouldn’t have seen her if she hadn’t fled.

Red Tailed Hawk 107


Red Tailed Hawk 108

This Red Tailed Hawk was harassing the Eagle when I first saw him.

Insect 670 Insect 669 Dragonfly 48


Bald Faced Hornet 6

Today’s bugs.

Blue Grosbeak at Governor Bridge Natural Area

Another day of dithering. Wooton sounded good, but Governor Bridge is producing some good birds, and won out in the end.

It was cold this morning, but warmed up quickly enough. I suspect this delays the birds, who may wait a bit for the insects to become active as they warm up.

There were some decent birds and a few bugs, but I’m still not finding any quantity of warblers.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 213

Blue Gray Gnatcatchers are nesting now.

Common Yellowthroat 109

Common Yellowthroats are often found near water.

Prothonotary Warbler 138

Prothonotary Warbler 139

Prothonotary Warblers also nest at Governor Bridge.

Indigo Bunting 107 Indigo Bunting 106


Indigo Bunting 105

There are many Indigo Buntings at Governor Bridge.

Great Blue Heron 306

This Great Blue Heron flew over the big field.

Blue Grosbeak 205

Blue Grosbeak 204

Governor Bridge is a good place to look for Blue Grosbeaks.

Insect 668 Insect 667 Dragonfly 46 Dragonfly 45 Moth 201 Dragonfly 44 Dragonfly 43 Insect 666 Ladybug 43


Spider 238

Today’s bugs.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo at Governor Bridge Natural Area

People are finding good birds at Governor Bridge, so I gave it a try this morning. It was actually cold for  while, with not a lot of action, but things picked up as the sun rose.

A Rusty Blackbird was first, then some Wood Ducks who flew off.

I spent a little time looking for bugs before I had to go off to an appointment.

Indigo Bunting 104

My first good shot of an Indigo Bunting this season.

Canada Goose 115 Canada Goose 114

Canada Goose 116

These Canada Geese were foraging near the lake.

Eastern Phoebe 102

I should be seeing more Eastern Phoebes.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 212

This is a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher nest.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 102

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 101


Yellow Billed Cuckoo 100

Governor Bridge is popular with Yellow Billed Cuckoos.

Grasshopper 200


Spider 237

Today’s bugs.

Eastern Kingbird at Terrapin Nature Park

It was a beautiful, cool day, but the migrants remained elusive.

I got to Terrapin right at sunrise, but there just wasn’t any significant migrant movement.  Fortunately, the regulars cooperated and I got a few good images.

The Blue Angels put on their final show today, and I managed to get a few more shots.

Osprey 334

Osprey 333

I waited a while to catch this Osprey fishing.

Snowy Egret 12

Snowy Egret 123 Snowy Egret 122

Snowy Egret 125

Snowy Egret 124

The Snowy Egrets have returned after being absent for a few days.

Wood Duck 256

Wood Duck 257

I was lucky to get a flight shot of this Wood Duck.

Least Tern 105 Least Tern 104

Least Tern 107

Least Tern 106

I don’t recall seeing Least Terns at Terrapin in previous years.

Eastern Kingbird 111 Eastern Kingbird 110

Eastern Kingbird 109

A pair of Eastern Kingbirds was flycatching in the meadow near the marsh.

Blue Angels 7 Blue Angels 8 Blue Angels 9

Blue Angels 14

How many planes do you see?

Blue Angels 16

How many planes?

Blue Angels 12 Blue Angels 13 Blue Angels 15 Blue Angels 11

Blue Angels 10

The Blue Angels finished up their air show today.