A Morning at Bombay Hook.

Graeme and I visited Bombay Hook a few days ago, and it was a decent enough day, but we missed all the cool birds.

Our last visit was marred by high winds, but the weather was just right this time.

Blue Grosbeak 2023-2

Bombay Hook is reliable for Blue Grosbeaks.

Tree Swallow 2023-1

Dozens of Tree Swallows nest at Bombay Hook.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2023-10

This Black Crowned Night Heron was probably hatched at Bombay Hook.

Eastern Kingbird 2023-4

Eastern Kingbirds are easy to find at this time of year.

Black Necked Stilt 2023-9

We saw a dozen or more Black Necked Stilts.

Black Necked Stilt 2023-8 Blue Grosbeak 2023-1

Bald Eagle 2023-23

We found only a single Bald Eagle.

Mute Swan 2023-2

We got a good look at this Mute Swan.

Great Blue Heron 2023-72

Great Blue Herons were present in numbers.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2023-1

Common Yellowthroat 0223-1

This Common Yellowthroat Warbler posed nicely.