Roseate Spoonbill at CBEC.

I was finding the usual suspects in Lake Knapp, scanning the multitude of egrets, when I saw a flash of pink. I had heard there were Spoonbills in MD, but nothing about birds on the Eastern Shore. I’ve seen a few of these lovely birds, but it was still s startling find. I did manage to see it again a couple of days later along with a Glossy Ibis and a White Ibis.

Here’s a few image’s. Enjoy.

I made a video in imperfect light.

A bizarre yet beautiful sight.

Tricolored Herons have become regulars at CBEC.

It’s unusual to see a Glossy Ibis at CBEC.

A Glossy Ibis feeding alongside a White Ibis (Right).

50 or more Snowy Egrets were present.