Egrets and Tree Swallows at CBEC.

I’ve been spending most mornings at CBEC because it’s easy to be alone, and there’s often plenty of birds. Sunrise can be exciting also.

The Egrets, both Great and Snowy, often gather in a corner of Lake Knapp, and may offer the best chance to get close. At other times they seem to be laughing at you as they gather on the West side, where they can be quite distant. You may see other birds such as Ospreys, Eagles, Herons, Terns, Wood Ducks, and Swallows, or Muskrats, Gophers and Deer.

The Tree Swallows nest in the Boxes along the entrance road, and this offers a chance to get fairly close, in good light, without harassing the birds. They’ll dive at you if you’re too close. When they’re feeding young, they are very active, and you may have to wander out into the grass to get the best shots. Bluebirds and Barn Swallows hang out here also. I keep hearing about the Nelson’s Sparrows here, but nobody ever seems to see them. A great spot to find Diamondback Terrapins in the Summer.

CbEC 200

Dawn, from the Blind.

Great Egret 2020-146 Great Egret 2020-145 Great Egret 2020-144 Great Egret 2020-143 Great Egret 2020-142 Great Egret 2020-141 Great Egret 2020-140 Great Egret 2020-139 Great Egret 2020-138 Great Egret 2020-137 Great Egret 2020-135 Great Egret 2020-136 Great Egret 2020-134 Great Egret 2020-133 Great Egret 2020-132 Great Egret 2020-131 Snowy Egret 2020-107 Snowy Egret 2020-106 Great Egret 2020-22 Great Egret 2020-21

Great Egret 2020-19

If you’re lucky, you can get fairly close and watch the action.

Great Egret 2020-20 Green Heron 2020-100 Osprey 2020-109 Osprey 2020-108

Osprey 2020-110

Repairing the nest.

Snowy Egret 2020-108

Snowy Egrets aren’t as numerous as Greats.

Tree Swallow 2020-17

Tree Swallow 2020-167

I confess to be a bit addicted to these guys.

Tree Swallow 2020-166 Tree Swallow 2020-165 Tree Swallow 2020-164 Tree Swallow 2020-163 Tree Swallow 2020-162 Tree Swallow 2020-161 Tree Swallow 2020-160

Egrets at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

I haven’t posted since mid-May, mostly because I’m not finding much. I’m only going places where I’m alone or nearly so, and I leave early to avoid any crowds that may arrive.

I had a computer crash during all this, so editing has become a bit slower and more difficult until my new computer arrives.

I’m not seeing much exciting, and good photo opps were in short supply.

I’m going to post the best of the recent stuff. Current conditions appear to promise better birding soon.

CBEC 2020-110 CBEC 2020-100

Posssum Point 2020-107

Morning at Possum Point.


Morning at CBEC.

Common Loon 2020-104

Common Loon 2020-102

I found this Common Loon at ossum Point.

Ring Necked Duck 2020-102

This Ring Necked duck should have migrated by now.

Eastern Kingbird 2020-101

EAstern Kingbirds are plentiful.

Eastern Towhee 2020-100

Eastern Towhees are often heard but not seen.

Great Blue Heron 2020-100

I have several shots this Great Blue Heron, and he appears to have only one leg.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2020-101

Red Headed Woodpeckers are nesting at CBEC.

Tree Swallow 2020-118

Tree Swallow 2020-119

These are about 40 Tree Swallow nest boxes at CBEC.

Trumpeter Swan 2020-2

I found these Trumpeters at Governor Bridge.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2020-101

The Yellow Breasted Chat has a bizarre song.