Canvasback at Thomas Point.

It’s been an exciting and exasperating two weeks. My car died, and my sister was kind enough to donate her old car to the cause. which necessitated a trip to NY via train, and the long drive back. The deed is done and I should have the paperwork finished in a few days.

I did manage to get out several times, but there’s not a whole lot going on.  The unusually warm weather has to be a factor.

Freddie 1

“Freddie” is a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Tundra Swan 2020-6 Tundra Swan 2020-5 Tundra Swan 2020-7 Tundra Swan 2020-4 Tundra Swan 2020-1

Tundra Swan 2020-8

About 70-80 Tundra Swans are spending the Winter near Thomas Point.

Mallard 2020-1

Mallard 2020-3

There are plenty of Mallards in the area.

Lesser Scaup 2020-4

There’s always a few Lesser Scaup in the mix.

Mute Swan 2020-1

Mute Swan 2020-2

This Mute Swan was at a park near my sister’s house in Huntington, NY.

Redhead 2020-2

Redhead 2020-4

A few pairs of Redheads are usually nearby.

Bufflehead 2020-3 Bufflehead 2020-2

Bufflehead 2020-4

You’ll always find a few Buffleheads at Thomas Point.

Canvasback 2020-6 Canvasback 2020-5 Canvasback 2020-9 Canvasback 2020-4 Canvasback 2020-3 Canvasback 2020-2 Canvasback 2020-1

Canvasback 2020-8

There may have been a thousand or more Canvasbacks visible today.