Belted Kingfisher at Quiet Waters Park

I tried a new sunrise spot at Sandy Point this morning, then hung around for a while looking for more, without much look.

I stopped briefly at Jonas Green, but no ducks are there yet.

Quiet Waters lived up to its name, and I just missed a bald Eagle.

Sandy Point 112

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Mallard 171

This Mallard appeared to be bathing.

Northern Flicker 111

I saw several Northern Flickers, but they don’t stay still long.

Ring Billed Gull 95

Ring Billed Gulls are easy to find at Sandy Point.

Fox 31

Fox 32

The park ranger pointed out this Fox, who came up behind me as were chatting.


Northern Flicker at Sandy Point State Park

After the usual sunrise shots I hung around at Sandy Point for a couple of hours. I didn’t see any interesting shore birds, but I found a few birds hanging around the shelter area even though they didn’t pose well. I may try there again tomorrow.

Sandy Point 106

Sandy Point 105

Sandy Point 107

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Sandy Point 110 Sandy Point 108

Sandy Point 109

Scenes from Sandy Point.

Great Blue Heron 346

Great Blue Heron 347

I felt a little guilty for waking this Great Blue Heron.

Northern Flicker 108

Northern Flicker 109

Several Northern Flickers were playing in the parking lot.

More Mallards at Quiet Waters Park

After checking out the sunrise, I stopped at Quiet Waters to see if any ducks have shown up yet. They’re being seen elsewhere, but I struck out.

Thomas Point will be open in a couple of days, so maybe I’ll have better luck there.

Sandy Point 103

Sandy Point 104

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Northern Flicker 107

This Northern Flicker flew right over me.

Mallard 170

Mallard 169

Mallards are the only ducks I’m seeing around here.

As the Earth Turns

The rain kept me in this morning, so I made a short video for you

I’ve been photographing the sunrise at Sandy Point since early August, so I combined some of the images into a slide show that show the apparent movement of the Sun behind the lighthouse.

It’s not great, but it’s kinda’ cool.

Sharp Shinned Hawk at Terrapin Nature Park

After I got some decent sunrise shots at Sandy point, I returned to Terrapin to look for more ducks. It was not to be, and there wasn’t much else going on, so I headed to CBEC.

I walked the entire loop (A mile or so) and only saw one decent bird. We need some ducks!

Sandy Point 101

Sandy Point 102

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Swamp Sparrow 117

This Swamp Sparrow was the only image I got at CBEC,

Song Sparrow 146

Song Sparrow s are well established in the park.

Sharp Shinned Hawk 51

Sharp Shinned Hawk 50

This Sharp Shinned Hawk was cruising the marsh ponds.

Bacon the Pot Bellied Pig at Quiet Waters

Well, it’s a birding blog, as you know, but the birds don’t always cooperate.

I started at Sandy Point, as usual, then Quiet Waters, but I didn’t get any good photos, despite seeing 3-4 Bald Eagles and a Late Osprey.

Fortunately, Rachel and her porcine pal came along and we had a nice chat and a short photo shoot.

Sandy Point 99 Sandy Point 100

Sandy Point 98

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Pig 1

Rachel and Bacon

Rachel and Bacon

Mallard Melee at Quiet Waters Park

I got rained out this morning, so I didn’t get out ’til 1:30, and I tried a quick trip to Quiet Waters.

The park is busy on weekends, but I managed to find a quiet place where a bunch of Mallards were hanging out. A couple was making out in the woods, so I moved further on and ran into Jennifer and Jenny, who were kayaking into the cove. I wanted some flight shots, so they were kind enough to paddle to the end of the cove while I got into position, and the ducks flew right toward me. A good time was had by all, except maybe the Mallards.

Jennifer and Jenny

Jennifer and Jenny, my co-conspirators.

Cove 8 Cove 9 Cove 10

Cove 11

Scenes from Quiet Waters Park.

Mallard 167

The calm before the melee.

Mallard 165 Mallard 164 Mallard 163 Mallard 162

Mallard 166

Mallards galore!

Black Ducks at Terrapin Nature Park

Another beautiful day and the same routine, with somewhat better results. No great images, but some ducks are starting to show and there was more activity.

The sunrise was only so-so, but I got a decent shot of the big marsh pond.

Sandy Point 97

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Marsh Pond 7

This is the large marsh pond at Terrapin.

Blue Jay 213

This Blue Jay flew right over my head.

Red Tailed Hawk 109

This Red Tailed Hawk was being pursued by some crows.

Pied Billed Grebe 103

A pair of Pied Billed Grebe was foraging in the pond.

Swamp Sparrow 116

This Swamp Sparrow actually stayed still for a while.

Red Winged Blackbird 122

Red Winged Blackbird 121

Red Winged Blackbirds seem to be more active lately.

Black Duck 102

I only see Black Ducks in a few places.

Double Crested Cormorant at Possum Point

I started with sunrise at Possum Point this morning. Not spectacular, but good enough. I saw a couple of eagles early on, but they were gone when the light got better.

Although there were many sparrows, they were very skittish and didn’t pose well. Cormorants were around by the dozen.

A quick stop at Jonas Green wasn’t very productive.

Possum Point 93

A charming young runner named Kim agreed to be my foreground for this shot.

Possum Point 92

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet 209

Ruby Crowned Kinglets are everywhere!

Double Crested Cormorant 119 Double Crested Cormorant 118

Double Crested Cormorant 120

I’ve been told that Double Crested Cormorants roost near the bay bridge, which is why I see so many at Sandy Point and Possum Point.

Song Sparrow 145

The Song Sparrow was the only sparrow who would pose today.

Jonas Green 15

The view looking NW from Jonas Green.

Red Winged Blackbird at Terrapin Nature Park

The perfect weather continues, and the scarcity of birds as well. After the Sandy Point sunrise, I headed to Terrapin, where I walked the entire beach path twice without finding very much. I really expected more sparrows, but they just aren’t here yet.

I took a lot of Terrapin landscapes to make up for the lack of birds.

The weather is supposed to continue to be great tomorrow, so I’ll try again.

Sandy Point 93

Sandy Point 92

Sunrise panorama.

Blue Jay 212

Blue Jay 211

Blue Jays are becoming easier to find.

Chipping Sparrow 111

A large flock of Chipping Sparrows was in the parking lot.

Ring Billed Gull 94

I’m jealous of Ring Billed Gulls as they float through the air.

Yellow Rumped Warbler 217

Yellow Rumped Warblers and sparrows were the dominant birds today.

Song Sparrow 144

Song Sparrows are common, but very attractive in the right setting.

Red Winged Blackbird 120

This female Red Winged Blackbird caught my eye near the marsh pond.

Terrapin Path 1

The beach path at Terrapin.