Trumpeter Swan Cygnet, Annapolis, MD.

I’ve been following a pair of Trumpeter Swans for about 4 years, and they’ve just accomplished their second successful nesting, a single cygnet probably 1-2 days old now. I\ve been checking the nest almost daily, so it was a big deal for me to fimally see this little guy.

I could tell you a lot about Trumpeter Swans, but The Trumpeter  Swan Society has been protecting them for years and they have a lot of info.:

This site is about the images I got, and here they are.

This cygnet is 1-2 days old.

Harriet and James announce the hatching of Louis.


Trumpeter Swan 2023-132229 Trumpeter Swan 2023-1319 Trumpeter Swan 2023-132226

Trumpeter Swan 2023-132224

Trumpeter Swans need about 200 meters to take off, a noisy and dramatic affair.

Trumpeter Swan 2023-13221

When this Canada Goose got too close to the nest, he was quickly run off by the male (Called “Cob”, the female is called “Pen'”.

Trumpeter Swan 2023-13218 Trumpeter Swan 2023-13220