Heronry at Jonas Green Park.

I got my first vaccine shot, and the second is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. It will be a relief to have that over with.

I’ve gotten to Possum Point, Greenbury Point, Quiet Waters, Truxtun Park and CBEC in the last week. There weren’t any spectacular finds, but the Ospreys have arrived and the weather is (Mostly) warmer. A couple of Trumpeter Swans broke the monotony.

The Heronry is the one I found last year as the pandemic started and didn’t get to observe. I may get a better chance this year.

Osprey 2021-2

Dawn on Whitehall Bay,

Osprey 2021-4

The Possum Point Ospreys are back and building nests.

Mallard 2021-34

Mallard 2021-37

Mallard 2021-38

This mallard and her mate were bathing at Quiet Waters.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-25jpg

White Throated Sparrows are often the last to migrate.



Trumpeter Swan 2021-3

Trumpeter Swan 2021-1

I was very surprised to find two Trumpeter Swans at Jonas Green Park.

Gadwall 2021-5

Gadwall 2021-7

Gadwalls are regulars at Jonas Green Park.

Tufted Titmouse 2021-8

Tufted Titmice don’t always pose this well.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-24 Eastern Bluebird 2020-23

Eastern Bluebird 2020-25

Double Crested Cormorant 2021-3

I saw over 400 Cormorants at Possum Point

Song Sparrow 2021-19

Song Sparrows are plentiful at Jonas Green Park.

Tree Swallow 29021-3

I’m going to try for Tree Swallow flight shots again this year.

Great Horned Owl 2021-1

This injured Great Horned Owl is in rehab at CBEC.

Crow 2021-1

I don’t often try photographing Crows.

Osprey 2021-1

This Osprey is nesting at Truxtun Park.

Cooper's Hawk 2021-6

This Cooper’s Hawk flew overhead at Truxtun Park.

Eastern Phoebe 2021-1

First Eastern Phoebe of the season.

Carolina Wren 2021-14

This Carolina Wren was quite close in the morning light, and was singing with impressive volume and at length.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-23

A female Downy Woodpecker.

Great Blue Heron 2021-17 Great Blue Heron 2021-19

Great Blue Heron 2021-16

These Great Blue Herons are building a nest above the pond at Jonas Green Park.


Great Blue Heron 2021-18

American Avocets at Bombay Hook NWR.

Graeme and I left early to drive to Bombay Hook NWR in Delaware. It’s about an hour and a half, mostly interstate and Delaware country roads.

We immediately saw 100 Great Egrets, mostly a white wall in the distance, with a few scattered nearer shore. We had high hopes for a great day, and we weren’t disappointed. Regrettably, the Egrets took off before we got any images.

Avocets, Shovelers, Eagles and other Sandpipers made up for it.  We were fairly busy for a couple of hours, then it slowed and we took off. A good day.

Graeme Simpson 38

Graeme Simpson sets up the shot.

Northern Shoveler 2021-4

Northern Shoveler 2021-1

We saw more Northern Shovelers than usual.

Greater Yellowlegs 2021-2

Many Greater Yellowlegs were present.

Mallard 2021-30

Red Winged Blackbird 2020-2

Red Winged Blackbirds can found in every MD marsh.

Cooper's Hawk 2021-3

Cooper's Hawk 2021-2

This juvenile Cooper’s Hawk was perched near the road.

Pied Billed Grebe 2021-1

Mute Swan 2021-2

A few Mute Swans are always in the area.

Common Merganser 2021-3 Common Merganser 2021-2

Common Merganser 2021-8

Common Mergansers are among my favorite birds.

Dunlin 2021-1

A small flock of Dunlins was feeding.

Great Blue Heron 2021-15

This Great Blue Heron was very relaxed.

Tree Swallow 29021-2

We found only a few Tree Swallows.

Ring Billed Gull 2021-2

I liked the pose of this Ring Billed Gull.

Greater Yellowlegs 2021-1

Many Greater Yellowlegs were present.

Green Winged Teal 2021-2

Green Winged Teal are a treat to the eye.

American Avocet 2021-7 American Avocet 2021-3 American Avocet 2021-4 American Avocet 2021-9 American Avocet 2021-5

American Avocet 2021-1

Several flocks of American Avocets were feeding in the area.

Pine Warblers at Quiet Waters.

I’ve been to CBEC, Possum/Greenbury Points, Jonas Green and Quiet Waters in the last two weeks without a lot of luck. My Screech Owl has been making regular appearances, but there hasn’t been much interesting until today, when a small fallout of Pine Warblers and Chipping Sparrows hung around for half an hour or so. A nice find. Another Sapsucker showed as well.

Some are seeing Ospreys, but I haven’t found one yet. I’ll probably check Possum Point tomorrow.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-5

Chipping Sparrow 2021-6

Many Chipping Sparrows were feeding alongside the Warblers.

Cardinal 2021-22

Cardinal 2021-21

You can hear Cardinals singing throughout the park.

Screech Owl 2021-8

Screech Owl 2021-12

This Eastern Screech Owl has been visible in midafternoon.

Bald Eagle 2021-11

Several Bald Eagles flew over the park.

Black Duck 2021-9

I seldom see Black Ducks at Quiet Waters.

Wood Duck 2021-30 Wood Duck 2021-28 Wood Duck 2021-25 Wood Duck 2021-24

Wood Duck 2021-31

Several pairs of Wood Ducks are nesting at Quiet Waters.

Great Blue Heron 2021-12

Great Blue Heron 2021-13

Mallard 2021-28

A Mallard near Thomas Point.

Tundra Swan 2021-90 Tundra Swan 2021-92 Tundra Swan 2021-89

Tundra Swan 2021-91

Tundra Swans will be heading North soon.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-21

Northern Flicker 2021-1

I’ve found several Northern Flickers in the park.

House Sparrow 2021-1

This House Sparrow posed at Jonas Green Park.

Surf Scoter 2021-12

These Surf Scoters were an unusual sight at Possum Point.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-16b

Downy Woodpecker 2021-18

This Downy Woodpecker pair seemed to be playing tag.

Tufted Titmouse 2021-6

There are many Tufted Titmice around.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-22

White Throated Sparrows seem to be among the last to head North.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 2021-6

This Yellow Sapsucker was a nice surprise. I haven’t seen many.

Cardinal 2021-22

Eastern Bluebird 2020-19

Eastern Blue Birds are doing well.

Pine Warbler 2021-4


Pine Warbler 2021-1


Pine Warbler 2021-2

10 or so Pine Warblers were in the grass, eating quickly and almost ignored me.

Screech Owl at Annapolis, MD.

Screech Owl! Any Owl is a treat, but I’ve looked for this guy several times, so persistence finally paid off. He’s been around for at least a year or two in the same area, but his daytime appearances are rare,

Wood Ducks are setting up shop, Sparrows are gathering, Hawks are nesting and even a warbler or two have been seen. No birder can resist the call of Spring. A single Sapsucker was passing through, leaving his telltale sap holes.

South River 28

South River as viewed from the park.

Wood Duck 2021-17 Wood Duck 2021-15 Wood Duck 2021-13

Wood Duck 2021-16

Several pairs of Wood Ducks are nesting in the park.

Canada Goose 2021-34

Canada Goose 2021-37

A few Canada Geese are hanging around. Will they nest here?


Carolina Wren 2021-11

Carolina Wrens are numerous and vocal.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-13

Eastern Bluebird 2020-18

Many Eastern Bluebirds live in the park.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 2021-3

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 2021-2

A friend told me where to look for this Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, and I found him right away.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-17

Dark Eyed Juncos are still numerous.

Cardinal 2021-11

You can hear Northern Cardinals singing throughout the parl.

Song Sparrow 2021-57

I see Song Sparrows 9ften, but they’re not numerous.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-10

The sound of Woodpeckers, like this Downy, reverberates throughout the park.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-16

A shiny, freshly molted Dark Eyed Junco.,

Robin 2021-8

There are ofteh flocks of 50 or more Robins in the park.

Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-20

The Blue Jay harassed this Red Shouldered Hawk until he flew off.

Great Blue Heron 2021-8

A solitary Great Blue Heron stalks his breakfast.

Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-25

This Red Shouldered Hawk flew in as I was watching, and didn’t see me.

Screech Owl 2021-1

Screech Owl 2021-3

A real treat. This Red Morph Screech Owl is usually hard to find in the daytime.

Wood Ducks at Quiet Waters.

It’s been two weeks since I posted anything. We had crap weather, lots of snow and ice and not much in the way of birds.

We’re on our second consecutive 60 degree day now, and things are picking up. Wood Ducks are mating and Pileateds are drumming.  The Swans and ducks are still with us, but not for much longer.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-18

White Throated Sparrows will be with us for a while.

Carolina Wren 2021-5

This Carolina Wren was singing loudly.

Canvasback 2021-80

Canvasback 2021-89

The average Canvasback population appears to be 200+.

Canvasback 2021-85

Tundra Swan 2021-84 Tundra Swan 2021-87

Tundra Swan 2021-83

There’s regularly 40-50 Tundra Swans near Thomas Point.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-14

Dark Eyed Juncos are in every nook and crannie.

Black Duck 2021-8

These Black Ducks are hanging out at Thomas Point.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-12

Eastern Bluebird 2020-11

Learn the Bluebird’s song and you’ll hear it everywhere in the park.

Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-15

Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-16

A pair of Red Shouldered Hawks is nesting in the park.

Bald Eagle 2021-10

This Bald Eagle was perched overlooking Thomas Point.

Bufflehead 2021-58 Bufflehead 2021-56 Bufflehead 2021-53

Bufflehead 2021-52


Bufflehead 2021-55

Canvasback 2021-89

The average Canvasback population appears to be 200+.

Mourning Dove 2021-1

I hear Mourning Doves more often than I see them.

Mallard 2021-22

Spring Mallards can be quite feisty.


Redhead 2021-27

There’s usually a few Redheads in the flock.

Carolina Chickadee 2021-2

Carolina Wren 2021-7

It’s a little unusual to see a Carolina Wren cling to the bark instead of perching.

Wood Duck 2021-3 Wood Duck 2021-1 Wood Duck 2021-10 Wood Duck 2021-9

Wood Duck 2021-6

At least two pairs of Wood Ducks are nesting in the park.

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-6

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-7

This Pileated Woodpecker can do some serious damage to a tree.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-7

Downy Woodpeckers seem to be doing well.

Bald Eagle at Thomas Point.

We had decent weather the last few days. but nothing new in the way of birds. A few interesting birds have been found, but mostly too far away to chase.

I’ve stuck with Thomas Point and Quiet Waters recently. We’re getting more cold weather in the next few days, so maybe some different ducks will bless us.

In the meantime I’m going to see about getting different images from the same old birds.

Canvasback 2021-63

This is a large flock for our area. There are more birds left and right. I’ve estimated 400 or so birds.

Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-13 Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-12


Red Shouldered Hawk 2021-11

I first noticed this Red Shouldered because of the reflected light, and only later noticed the second bird, who flew off.

Canvasback 2021-62

There’s usually 200 or more Canvasbacks in the area.

Canvasback 2021-64

There’s usually 200 or more Canvasbacks in the area. .

Canvasback 2021-66

There’s usually 200 or more Canvasbacks in the area.

Canvasback 2021-74 Canvasback 2021-73 Redhead 2021-24 Canvasback 2021-71 Canvasback 2021-72 Canvasback 2021-70 Canvasback 2021-69 Lesser Scaup 2021-25 Lesser Scaup 2021-24 Canvasback 2021-68 Lesser Scaup 2021-23 Canvasback 2021-67 Canvasback 2021-65

Canvasback 2021-76

Feeding Canvasbacks cause a lot of commotion.

Lesser Scaup 2021-26

Mallard 2021-19

A few Mallards usually join in.

Bufflehead 2021-48

There’s always a small flock of Buffleheads in attendance.

Bufflehead 2021-49

Canada Goose 2021-31

A few Canada Geese are hanging with the other water birds.

Tundra Swan 2021-79 Tundra Swan 2021-78 Tundra Swan 2021-77 Tundra Swan 2021-76 Tundra Swan 2021-75 Tundra Swan 2021-74 Tundra Swan 2021-73 Tundra Swan 2021-72 Tundra Swan 2021-71 Tundra Swan 2021-70 Tundra Swan 2021-69 Tundra Swan 2021-68 Tundra Swan 2021-67

Tundra Swan 2021-79

Bufflehead 2021-48

There’s always a small flock of Buffleheads in attendance.

Redhead 2021-21

“Handsome” always comes to mind when a Redhead appears.

Redhead 2021-22

Redhead 2021-23

Black Scoter 2021-2

This Black Scoter was out at the point.

Bald Eagle 2021-6 Bald Eagle 2021-5 Bald Eagle 2021-4

Bald Eagle 2021-7

White Breasted Nuthatch at Quiet Waters.

Not too much variety lately. It’s gotten colder, so there may be more good ducks, grebes and loons soon. I’m going to have travel a little further soon, to keep up.

Thomas Point was mostly disappointing, and there wasn’t anything new at Quiet Waters. The weather wasn’t much help, with several inches of snow.

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-2 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-5 Pileated Woodpecker 2021-1

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-5

Pileated Woodpecker 2021-3

I heard this Pileated Woodpecker drumming for a mate.

Turkey Vulture 2021-1

There’s always a few Turkey Vultures around.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-7 Eastern Bluebird 2020-6 Eastern Bluebird 2020-4

Eastern Bluebird 2020-8

You can hear Bluebirds often, but they can be hard to find.

Song Sparrow 2021-15 Song Sparrow 2021-14

Song Sparrow 2021-16

Song Sparrows seem to hang out with the White Throated Sparrows.

Red Bellied Woodpecker 2021-5 Red Bellied Woodpecker 2021-4


Red Bellied Woodpecker 2021-6

You can hear Red Bellied Woodpeckers from a long way off.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-12 Dark Eyed Junco 2020-11 Dark Eyed Junco 2020-10 Dark Eyed Junco 2020-9 Dark Eyed Junco 2020-8

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-13

I’ve seen several large flocks of Dark Eyed Juncos in the park.

Cardinal 2021-9

Tufted Titmouse 2021-5

Many Tufted Titmice lie in the park.

Chickadee 2021-6

Carolina Chickadees are seriously energetic.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-12

Great Blue Heron 2021-5

A Great Blue Heron in onw of the coves.


Canvasback 2021-60

Tundra Swans hanging out with the Canvasbacks.

House Finch 2021-2

I see House Finches only occasionally.

Carolina Wren 2021-4

Learn the song of the Carolina Wren and you’ll hear it often.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-5 Downy Woodpecker 2021-4

Downy Woodpecker 2021-6

Bald Eagle 2021-3

Bald Eagle 2021-2

This Bald Eagle was flying near Thomas Point.

Tundra Swan 2021-62

Tundra Swan 2021-63

Tundra Swans often get feisty.

White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-13 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-12 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-11 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-10 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021=6 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021=5 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021=4 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-6 White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-5

White Breasted Nuthatch 2021-14

White Breasted Nuthatches are doing well.

Black Duck at Thomas Point.

I picked a Black Duck for the title because I may have overlooked them in the past. They’re actually somewhat threatened and I’m lucky to see the ones I do, mostly at Thomas Point or Bombay Hook.

Nothing new this week, but the numbers of Canvasbacks and Tundra Swans is up. Only a few ducks at the point, which is probably because of the warm weather. It’s just started to cool a bit, so we’ll see what happens.

Tundra Swan 2021-57

Many Canvasbacks spend their days here.


Lesser Scaup 2021-18

There’s only a few Lesser Scaup hens.

Canvasback 2021-38 Canvasback 2021-45 Canvasback 2021-47 Canvasback 2021-43

Canvasback 2021-48

There’s 200 or more Canvasbacks present.

Tundra Swan 2021-52 Tundra Swan 2021-51

Tundra Swan 2021-56

Tundra Swans routinely stretch like this.

Black Duck 2021-4 Black Duck 2021-3 Black Duck 2021-2


Black Duck 2021-5

Black Duck, bottoms up.

Bufflehead 2021-37 Bufflehead 2021-36

Bufflehead 2021-40

Bufflehead 2021-39

Many Buffleheads remain here all winter.


Redhead 2021-16

Only a few Redheads have shown up so far.

Mallard 2021-17

There’s always a flock of Mallards in the area.

Long Tailed Duck 2021-28

There’s a few Long Tailed Ducks out at the point.

Canada Goose 2021-27