Fall Migration is Here!

Migration is treating me somewhat better than in past years. I’m basically setting up my tripod in some likely spots (From experience) and most days I’m seeing some good birds. I usually stop at Woolchurch Pond around dawn to check on the Trumpeters and the other denizens of the pond, them head to Greenbury Point and Jonas Green Park to see what else I can find. Greenbury Pointy has been very productive. I’ve been to CBEC a couple of times, and once to Sandy Point, but neither was very productive.
Currently, the Trumpeters are in Woolchurch Cove, adjacent to Woolchurch Pond. I don’t know why. Maybe food related? It’s a smaller area, and there’s quite a few Herons and the occasional egret sharing it.
I’m posting my favorites from the past few weeks.

The male American Redstart has always been a favorite.

This is a Common Yellowthroat.

The Black Throated Blue Warbler is another favorite. I don’t see many.

I see Cape May Warblers regularly at Greenbury Point.

Blue Gray Gnatcatchers are are also regular visitors.

Red Eyed Vireos are prolific singers.

This juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron was at Woolchurch Pond.

I usually see several Magnolia Warblers each migration.

Eastern Wood Peewees are heading south for the winter.

I don’t see many Bay Breasted Warblers.

Greenbury Point is the only lace I’ve seen Yellow Bellied Flycatchers.

This is my second Wilson’s Warbler of the Fall.

Northern Parulas are passing through right now.

Roseate Spoonbill at CBEC.

The Trumpeters picked a lovely spot when they selected Woolchurch Pond.[/caption]Yesterday I went to CBEC looking for Egrets, and I found a Tricolored Heron and a Roseate Spoonbill! I had heard that spoonbills were in the area, but it was a very nice surprise. A big blob of pink against a sea of white egret feathers.
I’ve been staying close to the Trumpeter Swans and their single cygnet, who appears to be thriving. I expect him to be flying in September.
I’ve been staying pretty close to home to save gas money and tolls. I mainly visit Greenbury Point, Jonas Green Park, Woolchurch Pond and Quiet Waters.
I’ve been seeing a few migrants, but no great influx as yet.

I’m going to post a few of my recent favorite images also.

The cygnet is about 1 months old in this image

The Trumpeters picked a lovely spot when they selected Woolchurch Pond.

I usually see Orchard Orioles every year at Greenbury Point.

This Green Heron and some of his friends were at CBEC.

I saw 40 ,or more Snowy Egrets at CBERC.

Several Great Yellowlegs were feeding in the shallows.

This is a Semi-palmated Plover.

Least Sandpipers visit CBEC often.

I found this female Blue Grosbeak at Greenbury Point.

A lone Roseate Spoonbill was foraging with the egrets.

When Swans Attack!


White Eyed Vireo 2023-1

This White Eyed Vireo posed nicely.

Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2023-1

I saw a few Northern Rough Winged Swallows at Jonas Green PAtk.

Mockingbird 2023-1

Mockingbirds haven't been common this season.

Chipping Sparrow 2023-4

Eastern Bluebird 2023-21

Red Winged Blackbird 2023- 5

Red Winged Blackbirds provide the background music for the marsh.

Green Heron 2023-4

Green Heron 2023-2

Eastern Bluebird 2023-20

Eastern Bluebirds are active everywhere I go.

Great Blue Heron 2023-45

Goldfinch 2023-5

This female Goldfinch will be nesting soon.

Carolina Wren 2023-3

Cardinal 2023-4

Female Cardinals are more subdued than their mates.

Trumpeter Swan 2023-109

Trumpeter Swan 2023-107

Trumpeter Swan 2023-111

Trumpeter Swan 2023-110

Trumpeter Swan 2023-110

Trumpeter Swan 2023-107

Trumpeter Swan 2023-102

When the swans get territorial, there's a lot of noise; the pattering of big swan feet and the frightened honking of the fleeing geese. The swans rarely make any sounds..

Trumpeter Swan 2023-101

Bald Eagle at Thomas Point.

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Morning at Thomas Point.

It’s been a while since I published anything. I’ve been getting out, but good birds have been scarce, and I’ve been a bit lazy.
The Trumpeter Swans are around, and they may nest again this year, so I’ll stay on top of that.
Great Blue Herons are checking out the heronry, and that may be fruitful again this year.
There’s a real shortage of good ducks, but it’s been so warm, who can blame them?

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Developed using darktable 4.0.1

Trumpeter Swan 2023-5

Last year's Trumpeter Swans have returned.

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Black Ducks have long favored Thomas Point.

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Buffleheads have been the most common duck by far at Thomas Point.

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This pair of Canvasbacks was at Thomas Point.

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Chickadees are always fun to watch.

Dark Eyed Juco 2023-1

I found this Dark Eyed Junco at Quiet Waters.

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Large flocks of Double Crested Cormorants often fly past Thomas Point.

Gadwall 2023-4

A small flock of Gadwalls is staying at the pond near Jonas Green.

Goldfinch 2023-2

Hooded Merganser 2022-25

These Hooded Mergansers are hanging out at the pond near Jonas Green.

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Long Tailed Ducks have been in short supply this year.

Northern Flicker 2023-2

This Northern Flicker posed nicely.

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I've seen very few Ruddy Ducks this year.

Song Sparrow 2023-1

Many Song Sparrows hangout in the rocks at Thomas Point.

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This Surf Scoter hen was eating mussels at Thomas Point.