Red Foxes at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

I followed the usual routine again today; Sunrise at Sandy point, Terrapin and CBEC.  The weather is vastly improved, and I got some good sunrise shots, but Terrapin continues to be a disappointment.

CBEC was a winner, even though the water is very high and most of the water birds have cleared out for the moment.

Sandy Point 68

Sandy Point 69

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Bald Eagle 430

I see a juvenile Bald Eagle at CBEC on most visits.

Eastern Phoebe 111

Several Eastern Phoebes were feeding at Terrapin.

Snowy Egret 188 Snowy Egret 188

Snowy Egret 187

This was the only Snowy Egret I found at CBEC.

Blue Jay 207

This Blue Jay has found a nice breakfast.

Brown Headed Nuthatch 19


Brown Headed Nuthatch 18

There are 6 Brown Headed Nuthatches in this photo. I’m not familiar with this behavior.

Fox 30 Fox 29

Fox 28

Two Red Foxes were foraging on the road into CBEC. I seldom see more than one.

Greater Yellowlegs at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Once again I started at Sandy Point with some sunrise shots. Plenty of gulls on the beach, but I want warblers, so I headed to Terrapin, which was nearly barren,

CBEC was much more active, but I’m still not finding warblers.

Sandy Point 62

Sandy Point 63

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Snowy Egret 185

Snowy Egret 186

Large numbers of Snowy Egrets are still present.

Sandpiper 108

Another unknown Sandpiper.

Sandpiper 107

I’m not sure which Sandpipers these are.

Semipalmated Plover 8

The Semipalmated Plover is similar to the Killdeer, but only has a single band.

Great Egret 109

Several Great Egrets are still hanging around.


Cardinal 206

This Cardinal is molting

Killdeer 103

Several Killdeer were feeding in the shallow water.



Greater Yellowlegs 106 Greater Yellowlegs 105 Greater Yellowlegs 104

Greater Yellowlegs 107

This is kind of cool, as it shows a Greater Yellowlegs (Right) and a Lesser Yellowlegs.

Black Skimmer at Sandy Point State Park

The Skimmer was reported a couple of days ago, and I looked for it yesterday without luck. One bird out of thousands on the beach.

Today, I spotted a birdwatcher (Annie) in the right area, and she pointed it out to me. I hadn’t seen one since I lived in Florida in the fifties.

Several other gulls and a nice sunrise made for a good morning, and I finished just in time to beat the rain.

Sandy Point 59

Sandy Point 60

Sandy Point 61

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Greater Blackbacked Gull 100

This is a Greater Blackbacked Gull, the world’s largest gull.

Caspian Tern 123

Caspian Tern 122

Two Caspian Terns were mixed in with the large flock of gulls.

Black Skimmer 2

Black Skimmer 1

This juvenile Black Skimmer should be well South of us by now.


Palm Warbler at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

I started at Sandy Point again, then went to Terrapin. An hour at Terrapin didn’t produce a single interesting bird, which is very unusual.

CBEC was better, and I finally got a decent warbler photo, but it’s still a very slow migration period.

Sandy Point 56

Sandy Point 57

Sunrise at Sandy Point.


Goldfinch 227

These Goldfinches are changing to their winter plumage.

Bald Eagle 429

There are numerous Bald Eagles at CBEC.

Catbird 211

This Catbird was the only image I got at Terrapin.

Blue Grosbeak 213

Blue Grosbeak 212

I don’t recall seeing Blue Grosbeaks at CBEC before.


Palm Warbler 109

Palm Warbler 110

This Palm Warbler landed at my feet and foraged without paying much attention to me.


Great Egret at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

I made the same trek again today; Sandy Point, Terrapin, then CBEC. Still no warblers to speak of, and the usual suspects at CBEC. I did get a decent sunrise, and a Bald Eagle flew right over head.

Sandy Point 55

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Robin 69

I saw at least a hundred Robins.

Semipalmated Plover 7

CBEC is the only place I regularly see Semipalmated Plovers.

Northern Flicker 103

I suspect this Northern Flicker is migrating.

Bald Eagle 428

Bald Eagle 427

This is a juvenile Bald Eagle.



Common Yellowthroat at Howard County Conservancy

I drove 40 miles to the HCC this morning and met Graeme. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place, but my bad luck continued this morning. We saw very few birds of any kind, and only found one who would pose for us. Others have the same complaint, but some people are finding warblers regularly. Weird.

Goat 2

We saw two goats in a pen. An exhibit of some kind.

Monarch 15

Monarchs are still appearing in small numbers.

Common Yellowthroat 224

This Common Yellowthroat was the only interesting bird we saw.


Sanderling at Sandy Point

I went after another sunrise this morning, and did OK, especially when a Sanderling decided to feed almost at my feet.

Terrapin and CBEC continue to be disappointing, with a few good birds, but the light wasn’t much to speak of, unfortunately.

Sandy Point 53

Sandy Point 54

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Bald Eagle 426

Better light would have been good for this juvenile Bald Eagle.

Cardinal 205

Cardinals stay in the area all year.

Snowy Egret 184

Snowy Egrets continue in large numbers.

Seagull 103

Several Seagulls were flying at CBEC.

Killdeer 102

I spooked this Killdeer, but he didn’t fly far.

Sanderling 17

Spotted Sandpiper at Wooton’s Landing

The reports I’m hearing suggest birding is slow all over. I don’t know if migration is delayed or bypassing us, but it’s odd.

I’ve been out at least briefly nearly every day, and I’ve never had such a lengthy period with so few decent sightings.

Sandy Point 50


Sandy Point 52

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Sanderling 16

8 – 10 Sanderlings were feeding practically at my feet.

Eastern Phoebe 110

This Eastern Phoebe was also at Wooton.

Spotted Sandpiper 101

Spotted Sandpiper 100

I haven’t seen a Spotted Sandpiper since last year, also at Wooton.




Chestnut Sided Warbler at Terrapin Nature Park

Warbler hunting continues to be very slow. Some are being found, but my guess is we need some North winds to speed things up.

I spent a couple of hours at Terrapin, then went to CBEC which is also slowing down. The good news is that I saw 10-12 Monarchs.

Sandy Point 51

Sunrise at Sandy point.

Great Blue Heron 344

Another Great Blue Heron with a mouthful.



American Redstart 116

American Redstart 115

American Redstarts seem to be early migraters.

Chestnut Sided Warbler 200

I haven’t seen a Chestnut Sided Warbler since Spring.

Monarch 14

I saw a lot of Monarchs today, so I assume migration is under way.