Great Blue Heron Fledglings at Jonas Green Park.

Finally, I got a good look at the fledglings they seemed to be feeding, and there’s at least three or four. I made a decent video of  the feeding process.

I found a Tennessee Warbler at Greenbury, my first ever there. Chats are thriving along with Indigo Buntings and Cardinals

The Trumpeters are apparently thriving. I haven’t seen her at all in a week or so.  He spends time foraging. There’s a number of Wood Ducks on the pond now.  I’m not seeing ducks at the JG pond now, but I suspect there are several pairs I can’t see yet.

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Muskrats seem to be in every marsh.

Snapping Turtle 43

This Snapping Turtle lives at quiet Waters.

One of the G”MIC filters.

I’ve seen only a few Goldfinches so far this season.

The Possum Point Ospreys are thriving.

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Many mourning Doves live in the fields around the park.

A Baltimore Oriole visited Greenbury Point.

This is a Tennessee Warbler.

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This Osprey had a successful hunt.

Trumpeter Swans have serious paddles.

Several Wood Ducks are hanging out with the Trumpeters.

The Barred Owlets are thriving.

Many Bluebirds are feeding young now.

This Starling is eating Japanese Beetles.

I wonder just how many Cardinals there are.

I’m seeing Catbirds often.

I hear Red Eyed Vireos more often than I see them.

Indigo Buntings nest at Greenbury Point every year.

In Summer you can hear Yellow Breasted Chats throughout the day.

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