Osprey at Possum Point

A very nice morning, for a change. I started at Possum Point for some sunrise shots, and found a nice Osprey family as well as a couple of butterflies.

I also stopped at Quiet Waters to look for bugs, but it’s not nearly as productive as last year.

Possum Point 82 Possum Point 84

Possum Point 83

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Osprey 360



Osprey 359

This is almost certainly an Osprey family. The bird on the right is newly fledged.

Goldfinch 216

Goldfinches like to forage at Greenbury point.

Great Blue Heron 330

I’m not seeing as many Great Blue Herons as usual.

Skink 10

Quiet Waters has a lot of Skinks.

Rabbit 22

I usually pass up rabbits but this one was a cutie.

Insect 750 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 53 Butterfly 22 Fly 100 Wasp 11 Partridge Bug 7 Robber Fly 19 Beetle 20 Wasp 10 Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly 3 Grasshopper 203

Insect 751

Today’s bugs.