Red Fox at Chesapeake Bay Environmental center.

I found a decent sunrise at Sandy point this morning, but not much in the way of birds.

Neither Terrapin nor CBEC was much better, with few birds and most of those too distant for good pics.

Tomorrow is another day.

Sandy Point 237

Sandy Point 236

There was a nice sky this morning at Sandy Point.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-44

You can always shoot a Red Winged Blackbird when all else is failing.

Great Blue Heron 2016-38

I spooked this Great Blue Heron when I tried to get a little closer.

Osprey 2016-76

Two Ospreys were hanging out but not doing much.

Dragonfly 72

My first decent Dragonfly of the year.

Fox 55 Fox 54

Fox 53

This is probably the same, nearly tame, Fox I saw a week ago.