Osprey at Greenbury Point

If you’d told me I could spend the morning at Greenbury Point without seeing anything of interest, I would have disagreed.
While it wasn’t a complete waste, it was unusually barren.

House Finch

I saw this House Finch right away, which got my hopes up.




Ospreys are doing very well on the Chesapeake Bay. These beautiful birds are almost commonplace in the Spring and Summer.

Fed Ex Doesn’t Care About Your Package

This package has been in front of my door for four days. It was delivered to the wrong address (We are 1021, the address says 1121).
We have: Called the recipient and left a message. This is the second time her packages have been left at our door, and she didn’t do anything about it last time.
We have also called Fed Ex 3 times, and they have yet to act.
When I said I’d post it on the web, they said, “Go ahead”. I have gone ahead.