Magnolia Warbler at Greenbury Point.

Warblers! I’m seeing a few migrants now, although I suppose most of the birds are migrants now, including the Egrets at Jonas Green,

In addition to the Magnolia, there were Redstarts, Vireos and Gnatcatchers, but mot many photo opps.

The Jonas Green Egrets have been posing well, but the Quiet Waters birds have been few and far between so far.

Possum Point 243

Possum Point 242

Sunrise at Possum Point.


Great Egret 2021-165 Great Egret 2021-163 Great Egret 2021-168 Great Egret 2021-161 Great Egret 2021-157 Great Egret 2021-155 Great Egret 2021-147 (2) Great Egret 2021-145 Great Egret 2021-143 Great Egret 2021-140 Great Egret 2021-147

Great Egret 2021-139

It’s a little unusual to have so many Egrets in this pond.

Snowy Egret 2021-142 Snowy Egret 2021-141

Snowy Egret 2021-143

There’s more Snowy Egrets than Great Egrets in the pond.

Wood Duck 2021-182

Wood DUcks seem to do very well in this pond.

Orchard Oriole 2021-4


Orchard Oriole 2021-5

This is a migrating Orchard Oriole.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-21

Chipping Sparrow 2021-1

Chipping Sparrows seem to be everywhere.

Cowbird 2021-6

A small flock of Brown Headed Cowbirds passed through Quiet Waters.

Magnolia Warbler 2021-1

This Magnolia Warbler was a treat to find.

Caterpillar 237

‘Tis the season of caterpillars.

Garden Spider 4

This Garden Spider was hunting at Quiet Waters.