Pine Warbler at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I’ve been staying close to home lately, with a couple of trips to Wooton and CBEC that didn’t really pay off. I had better luck today.

The pond at Jonas Green Park has been busy, with many Wood Duck fledglings and a few Herons and Egrets. Quiet Waters has been underwhelming. It may pick up now that a few Warblers are being seen.

My new camera gear has arrived and I’ve been learning how best to use it. I believe I’ll be getting some better shots now. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Snowy Egret 2021-148

Snowy Egrets have been numerous this year.

Great Blue Heron 2021-132

I’m seeing fewer Great Blue Herons than usual.


Chipping Sparrow 2021-24

Chipping Sparrows have returned to Quiet Waters Park..

Wood Duck 2021-222 Wood Duck 2021-224 Wood Duck 2021-218

Wood Duck 2021-216

Wood Ducks are doing well in the pond at Jonas Green.

Great Blue Heron 2021-131

This Great Blue Heron was fishing at Possum Point.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-23

This is a juvenile Chipping Sparrow.

House Sparrow 2021-11

Jonas Green is home to dozens of House Sparrows.

Palm Warbler 2021-3

This Palm Warbler was visiting Jonas Green Park.

House Wren 2021-3

I found this House Wren at Greenbury Point, where he may stay the Winter.


Carolina Chickadee 2021-4

I hear Chickadees more often that I see them.

Indigo Bunting 2021-8

Indigo Bunting 2021-9

This female Indigo Bunting is headed south.

Brown Thrasher 2021-10

Brown Thrasher 2021-11

Brown Thrashers are moving south for the Winter.

Common Yellowthroat 2020-6

I probably miss a lot of Common Yellowthroats because their song is so quiet.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 2021-1

Yellow Billed Cuckoos are another bird more often heard than seen.

Eastern Wood Peewee 2021-1

I see a few Eastern Wood Peewees every year.

Pine Warbler 2021-5

Pine Warblers are seen every year at CBEC.