Wood Ducks at Quiet Waters.

The weather has been decent, and it’s warming, so we should be seeing some interesting migrants soon. I’ve had some crap warblers seasons in the past, but not this year!

I’m not seeing much different yet. More Ospreys have arrived, and all the Sea Ducks and Swans are gone. I did see some Mergansers, but only a few.

Wood Ducks have become regulars at Quiet Waters, and I’ve found them at Jonas Green and CBEC as well. Others have seen a few warblers in the area, so we’re in for a treat soon.

Possum Point 218

Possum Point 219

Sunrise at Possum Point.


Song Sparrow 2021-60

This Song Sparrow posed at Jonas Green Park.


Great Blue Heron 2021-21

Another look at the Heronry.

American Coot 0221-5

I don’t recall seeing an American Coot at Jonas Green before.

Cardinal 2021-41

Cardinal 2021-42

The sound of Cardinals is everywhere.

Canada Goose 2021-39

Canada Goose 2021-40

Canada Goose in the morning light.

Osprey 2021-6

Osprey 2021-7

Ospreys seem to mate often early in the season.

Tree Swallow 29021-7 Tree Swallow 29021-6 Tree Swallow 29021-5 Tree Swallow 29021-7 Tree Swallow 29021-6 Tree Swallow 29021-5

Tree Swallow 29021-8

Tree Swallows are still arriving at CBEC.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-26

The Eastern Bluebird seems omnipresent also.

Screech Owl 2021-20

Screech Owl 2021-19

My Eastern Screech Owl is still posing occasionally.

Osprey 2021-5

This Osprey was fishing at Quiet Waters.

Bald Eagle 2021-14

A young Bald Eagle.

Wood Duck 2021-59 Wood Duck 2021-58 Wood Duck 2021-54 Wood Duck 2021-50 Wood Duck 2021-47 Wood Duck 2021-41 Wood Duck 2021-44 Wood Duck 2021-40 Wood Duck 2021-37

Wood Duck 2021-60

I spooked this Wood Duck, but got the shot anyway.

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