Pine Warblers at Quiet Waters.

I’ve been to CBEC, Possum/Greenbury Points, Jonas Green and Quiet Waters in the last two weeks without a lot of luck. My Screech Owl has been making regular appearances, but there hasn’t been much interesting until today, when a small fallout of Pine Warblers and Chipping Sparrows hung around for half an hour or so. A nice find. Another Sapsucker showed as well.

Some are seeing Ospreys, but I haven’t found one yet. I’ll probably check Possum Point tomorrow.

Chipping Sparrow 2021-5

Chipping Sparrow 2021-6

Many Chipping Sparrows were feeding alongside the Warblers.

Cardinal 2021-22

Cardinal 2021-21

You can hear Cardinals singing throughout the park.

Screech Owl 2021-8

Screech Owl 2021-12

This Eastern Screech Owl has been visible in midafternoon.

Bald Eagle 2021-11

Several Bald Eagles flew over the park.

Black Duck 2021-9

I seldom see Black Ducks at Quiet Waters.

Wood Duck 2021-30 Wood Duck 2021-28 Wood Duck 2021-25 Wood Duck 2021-24

Wood Duck 2021-31

Several pairs of Wood Ducks are nesting at Quiet Waters.

Great Blue Heron 2021-12

Great Blue Heron 2021-13

Mallard 2021-28

A Mallard near Thomas Point.

Tundra Swan 2021-90 Tundra Swan 2021-92 Tundra Swan 2021-89

Tundra Swan 2021-91

Tundra Swans will be heading North soon.

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-21

Northern Flicker 2021-1

I’ve found several Northern Flickers in the park.

House Sparrow 2021-1

This House Sparrow posed at Jonas Green Park.

Surf Scoter 2021-12

These Surf Scoters were an unusual sight at Possum Point.

Downy Woodpecker 2021-16b

Downy Woodpecker 2021-18

This Downy Woodpecker pair seemed to be playing tag.

Tufted Titmouse 2021-6

There are many Tufted Titmice around.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-22

White Throated Sparrows seem to be among the last to head North.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 2021-6

This Yellow Sapsucker was a nice surprise. I haven’t seen many.

Cardinal 2021-22

Eastern Bluebird 2020-19

Eastern Blue Birds are doing well.

Pine Warbler 2021-4


Pine Warbler 2021-1


Pine Warbler 2021-2

10 or so Pine Warblers were in the grass, eating quickly and almost ignored me.

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