House Finch at Greenbury Point.

It’s that slow time of year again, when the ducks haven’t arrived and migration is winding down. There’s an irruption of Siskins and Grosbeaks in the area, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

I’ve been doing the same rounds-Sandy Point, Possum Point, Jonas Green, Quiet Waters, with a single trip to Truxtun Park . I’m planning to give Artemesia a try tomorrow. I’ve been avoiding it as it was getting too crowded, so we’ll see what happens.

No really cool birds this week, just a trickle of the regulars.  I’d say the Royal Terns were my favorites.

Carolina Wren 2020-13

Walk outside anywhere in MD and you may hear a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Wren 2020-14

Carolina Wren on the feeder at Quiet Waters.

Gadwall 2020-1

Gadwall at Jonas Green Park.

Song Sparrow 2020-8

Song Sparrow, also at Jonas Green.

Downy Woodpecker 2020-13

Downy Woodpecker, Jonas Green Park.

House Sparrow 2020-1

House Sparrow. There are many at Jonas Green.

House Finch 2020-3

House Finch 2020-4

This House Finch lives at Greenbury Point.

House Wren 2020-7

Yelloe Rumped Warbler 2020-3

A single Yellow Rumped Warbler at Greenbury Point.

Goldfinch 2020-15

Goldfinch 2020-16

Fall Goldfinch.

Turkey Vulture 2020-3

One of the many Turkey Vultures that patrol our skies.

Cardinal 2020-15

Cardinal 2020-16

Colorful Fall Cardinal.

Chipping Sparrow 2020-22

Many Chipping Sparrows live in the foliage along the trail.

Bluebirds 2020-2

Eastern Bluebirds are becoming more numerous.

Horned Grebe 2020-1

I’ve seen a couple of Horned Grebes this week.

Song Sparrow 2020-7

Song Sparrows are the most common Sparrow I see.

Carolina Wren 2020-12

Tundra Swan 2020-38

Several Tuftef Titmice posed for me.

ring billed gull 2020-2

A Ring Billed Gull from Sandy point.

Double Crested Cormorant 2020-6

A Double Crested Cormorant takes off.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet 2020-15

A few Ruby Crowned Kinglets are still around.

Royal Tern 2020-2

Royal Tern 2020-1

A few Royal Terns are hanging out at Sandy Point.

Red Breasted Nuthatch 2020-6

This Red Breasted Nuthatch was at Greenbury Point.

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