Common Yellowthroat at Greenbury Point.

I started early(6:30 ish) at Possum Point, but the sunrise was kinda’ bland. No birds to speak of.

The Nature Center is about a quarter mile away, and I was there and birding just a few minutes after sunrise.

It was still a bit dark, as thereĀ  were clouds and the sun was quite low. I saw a few birds, but it was about half an hour before I saw any action.

There were quite a few birds around, and one Willow tree had me occupied for half an hour as it had so many visitors. Too many birds is a good problem, but you can’t help but wonder about the ones you missed. I did three circuits of the area, and the numbers dropped off quickly.

A good day. Good weather, good birds and a few good images.

Bay Bridge 56


Possum Point 211

Morning at Possum Point.

Palm Warbler 2020-2

This Palm Warbler was a nice surprise.

Northern Parula 2020-18

Northern Parula 2020-19

Northern Parulas look good in Spring and Fall.

warbler 6

This is an American Redstart, probably a juvenile.

Black and White Warbler 2020-10 Black and White Warbler 2020-9

Black and White Warbler 2020-11

Black and White Warblers maintain the same plumage year ’round , and both sexes look the same.

Red Eyed Vireo 2020-10

I’ve been seeing a lot of Red Eyed Vireos lately.

Cardinal 2020-10

Cardinal 2020-11

Who doesn’t like a Cardinal?

House Wren 2020-3

This House Wren may stay around for a while.

Catbird 2020-8 Catbird 2020-7

Catbird 2020-9

If you look at my Ebird list you’ll see that many Catbirds are in the area.

Common Yellowthroat 2020-11

Common Yellowthroat 2020-12

This is probably a female Common Yellowthroat. A young male would have the beginnings of a mask.

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