Returning Terns at CBEC.

The first time I saw Terns feeding in a flock, diving headlong into a school of small fish, I was hooked.  Master flyers, master fisherbirds, what’s not to like?

I’ve spent a lot of time since then trying to get good images, and it ain’t easy. Terns don’t understand straight lines, and they are quick! Anyway, here’s my latest efforts.

A few other birds were around as well, and CBEC might be getting much better soon if the water level keeps dropping and there’s some mud for the Sandpipers.

CBEC 313

Sunrise in the Marsh.

Great Egret 2020-199 Great Egret 2020-197 Great Egret 2020-196

Wood Duck 2020-13

I’ve heard a lot of Wood Ducks at CBEC, but I don’t see them often.

Great Egret 2020-197 Great Egret 2020-196 Great Egret 2020-203 Forster;s Tern 2020-69 Forster;s Tern 2020-68 Forster;s Tern 2020-66 Forster;s Tern 2020-65 Least Tern 2020-10

Great Egret 2020-200

Many Egrets dine all summer at CBEC.

Great Egret 2020-203

Chipping Sparrow 2020-9

There are many Chipping Sparrows at CBEC.

Bald Eagle 2020-6

I saw this bird out of the corner of my eye, and snapped a shot while I was watching the Terns. It was a surprise to see later that it’s a Bald Eagle!


Forster;s Tern 2020-56

I spent way too much time with these Forster’s and Least Terns who were just a little too far away.

Diamondback Terrapin 13

Diamondback Terrapin 12

Diamondback Terrapins are laying eggs now.

Eastern Box Turtle 20

CBEC is a good place to find Eastern Box Turtles.


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