American Avocets at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I’ve continued the routine: CBEC, occasionally Greenbury Point or Kent Narrows and one trip to Schoolhouse Pond, which was a total waste.

Lake Knapp continues to be the source of the action. Lots and lots of Egrets and Herons, and today, American Avocets! I’ve never seen them there before, but regular readers know we see them at Bombay Hook.

The Egrets are sometimes close, sometimes far, and I’m learning to deal with both. I like to get close, but you can get some nice compositions at a distance, as well.

I expect to start seeing Wild Turkeys soon,  and maybe last year’s Yellow Throated Warbler will visit again.

CBEC 301 CBEC 302

CBEC 300

CBEC Dawn.

Great Egret 2020-180 Snowy Egret 2020-116 Great Egret 2020-178


Great Egret 2020-177

I saw 18 Great Egrets this morning.


Red Winged Blackbird 2020-109

Every MD marsh has hundreds of Red Winged Blackbirds.

Forster;s Tern 2020-3

Forster;s Tern 2020-6

Forster’s Terns have just returned to the area.

Snowy Egret 2020-117

Snowy Egret 2020-113

A few Snowy Egrets are hanging out as well.

American Avocet 2020-3 American Avocet 2020-2

American Avocet 2020-4

American Avocets! I could hardly believe my eyes, and I quickly moved to get a better look.

Osprey 2020-115

Osprey nest repair.

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