Pied Billed Grebes at Lake Artemesia.

We’re finally getting some signs of Spring birds. Passerines are chirping at Quiet Waters, and some migrants are being found in other areas of MD. There’s been  no improvement in duck numbers, and maybe there won’t be.

I’ve made a few short trips, but wasted a lot of time trying to find birds, so it’s been a bit sparse.

Common Goldeneye 2020-2

A single Common Goldeneye hen is visiting Lake Artemesia.

Ring Necked Duck 2020-10

Ring Necked Ducks are a regular winter visitor.

Canada Goose 2020-10 Canada Goose 2020-11 Canada Goose 2020-12 Canada Goose 2020-13

Canada Goose 2020-9

Many Canada Geese spend the night in winter.

Hooded Merganser 2020-8

A few Hooded Mergansers are passing through.



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