Redheads at Thomas Point

This is the warmest Winter I can recall around here. We’ve been in the 60s several times, and it must be many degrees above normal.

I don’t know if climate change is involved, but the winter ducks know about it, and they’re staying well to the North. Why fly this far if the weather lets you find food easily?

So, a few images from the last two weeks. These don’t let you see how many trips were just a blank, which is unknown at this time of year.

Ebird lists:

Tundra Swans in an odd combination of reflection and shadows.

Canvasback hen, wit h the subtle beauty many female birds have.

Mallard hen, coming in for a landing.

Looks like an old fashioned print.

Canada Goose landing at Thomas Point.

Redhead at Thomas Point.

Many Buffleheads winter at Thomas Point.

Dawn at Possum Point.