Rock Dove at Kent Narrows.

I found a decent sunrise at Possum Point this morning. I had left home a little late (6:06) and may have missed the very best colors, but it was good enough.

I went right to Kent Narrows, which was only so-so, but some Pigeons performed well enough.

I ended at Thomas Point, which was slow. I found a few birds in the cove, but there wasn’t much to see at the point.

Possum Point 166 Possum Point 167 Possum Point 168 Possum Point 169

Possum Point 170

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Tundra Swan 2019-25 Tundra Swan 2019-24

Tundra Swan 2019-26

Several Tundra Swans seemed to be goofing off.

Canvasback 2019-25

This Canvasback hen was mixing with the Tundra Swans.

Lesser Scaup 2019-19

Many Scaup were in the area.

Rock Dove 2019-1

A flock of Rock Doves seemed to be practicing for an aerial routine.

Long Tailed Duck 2019-35 Long Tailed Duck 2019-34 Long Tailed Duck 2019-33

Long Tailed Duck 2019-36

I’m seeing a lot of Long Tailed Ducks this year.