Spotted Sandpiper at Lake Artemesia.

I wasn’t sure what to do this morning, but Graeme said there were some good birds at Artemesia, so I gave it a try.

I got it right for a change. There were plenty of birds, including two unusual ones, and a good variety, including some migrants.

The weather could have been better, being windy and cold, but good birds make up for bad weather.

Caspian Tern 2018-3

Caspian Tern 2018-6

Two Caspian Terns were fishing all morning.

Tree Swallow 2018-12

Tree Swallow 2018-13

Many Tree Swallows have taken up residence and zoom steadily across the water seeking insects.

Cliff Swallow 21018-1

This is a Cliff Swallow, which is quite unusual for this area.

Eastern Bluebird 2018-6

This female Eastern Bluebird is probably nesting nearby.

Palm Warbler 2018-4

I’m seeing Palm Warblers everywhere I go.

Cardinal 2018-5

This Cardinal posed in a nice setting.

Downy Woodpecker 2018-4

I saw two Downy Woodpeckers up close this morning.

Wood Duck 2018-20 Wood Duck 2018-19

Wood Duck 2018-22

This Wood Duck will probably have ducklings soon.

Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2018-3

Northern Rough Winged Swallows seem more numerous this year.


White Throated Sparrow 2018-1

I found this White Throated Sparrow as I was leaving.

Spotted Sandpiper 2018-1

Spotted Sandpiper 2018-2

I don’t see many Spotted Sandpipers.

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