Trumpeter Swan at Lake Artemesia.

Between the weather and work I haven’t posted much lately. I had a decent day today, so this is a catch up as well.

Sandy Point 462 Sandy Point 457

Sandy Point 459 Sandy Point 460 Sandy Point 461

Sandy Point 458

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Bufflehead 2016-26

Bufflehead 2016-27

Three Buffleheads were on the lake.

Ring Necked Duck 2016-31

Artemesia is the only place I’m seeing Ring Necked Ducks.

Lesser Scaup 2016-7

Lesser Scaup 2016-6

Lesser Scaup 2016-5

I haven’t seen many Scaup this season.

Ruddy Duck 2016-29

Ruddy Ducks are doing well at the lake.

Hooded Merganser 2016-8

Hooded Mergansers have been in short supply so far this year.

Brown Pelican 2016-6

Another Brown Pelican at Thomas Point.

Bufflehead 2016-25

I found this Bufflehead at Thomas Point.

Northern Shoveler 2016-13

This Northern Shoveler was at Blackwater NWR.

Red Tailed Hawk 2016-12

This Red Tailed Hawk was at Blackwater NWR.

Double Crested Cormorant 2016-37

Double Crested Cormorants at Sandy Point.

Trumpeter Swan 2016-4

This gives you a good idea how large the Trumpeter Swan is-the Canada Geese look like ducks.

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