Great Egret at Terrapin Nature Park.

The Sandy Point sunrise was good enough this morning. The weatherman had promised high heat and humidity, so I planned a short morning at Terrapin.

The wading birds are showing up in numbers now, and I even saw a couple of Least Sandpipers, ‘though they didn’t pose for me.

Sandy Point 241

Sandy Point 239

Sandy Point 240

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Snowy Egret 2016-16 Snowy Egret 2016-24 Snowy Egret 2016-23 Snowy Egret 2016-20 Snowy Egret 2016-19 Snowy Egret 2016-18

Snowy Egret 2016-17

5 Snowy Egrets were feeding in the same area as yesterday.

Great Blue Heron 2016-46

Great Blue Heron 2016-43

This Great Blue Heron has been finding a lot of snakes.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-47

This Red Winged Blackbird seemed to be surveying the area.

Great Egret 2016-13 Great Egret 2016-12 Great Egret 2016-11

Great Egret 2016-9

Great Egret 2016-10

5 Snowy Egrets were joined by a Great Egret.

Turtle 63

Yet another egg laying turtle.



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