Duck Feathers at Thomas Point

I’d say I’m fully recovered from my fall, and ready for longer forays soon.
Given the clouds and threat of snow this morning, I went back to Thomas Point to see if I could get some better images. It was really too cloudy for great shots, but I got a few decent pictures.

Lesser  Scaup
Lesser  Scaup 103

Lesser  Scaup 102

Lesser  Scaup 101

Herring Gull 7Herring Gull

Gull 11

Duck Feathers 2Some predator had a good breakfast.

Bufflehead 89Bufflehead

Black Scoter 9Black Scoter

Tundra Swan 55Tundra Swan

Truck 1My faithful Ranger

Surf Scoter 44

Surf Scoter 43

Surf Scoter 42

Surf Scoter 41

Surf Scoter 40

Surf Scoter 39

Surf Scoter 38

Surf Scoter 37

Surf Scoter 36

Surf Scoter 35

Surf Scoter 34

Surf Scoter 33

Surf Scoter 32

Surf Scoter 31Surf Scoter


Red Breasted Merganser 67

Red Breasted Merganser 66

Red Breasted Merganser 65Red Breasted Merganser

Lesser  Scaup 108Common Goldeneye

Lesser  Scaup 107

Lesser  Scaup 106

Lesser  Scaup 105

Lesser  Scaup 104Lesser Scaup

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