Little Blue Heron at Sandy Point.

It’s that time of year again. Nesting is over for most birds, so they’re not as active. Migration hasn’t begun yet which means there’s not a lot of movement. I expect things to pick up very soon, but it’s been very slow for about three weeks.

I haven’t gone far in the last few days. It’s been hot, birds are scarce, and inspiration is in short supply. We had a small storm last night, so I tried Sandy Point in hopes of finding some strays.

There were the usual Gulls, in good  numbers, a couple of Terns and Egrets and a surprise juvenile Little Blue Heron. It was a worthwhile trip.

Cardinal 2018-13

I found this Cardinal at Greenbury Point.

Great Egret 2018-47

Great Egret 2018-48

This Great Egret flew in as I was watching the gulls.

Forster's Tern 2018-93

Forster's Tern 2018-94

Two Forster’s Terns were loafing on the beach.

Snowy Egret 2018-13

Snowy Egret 2018-14

This Snowy Egret flew in at the same time as the Little Blue Heron.

Herring Gull 2018-2

These Herring Gulls seemed to be bathing.

Canada Goose 2018-30

Many Canada Geese were grazing in the grass.

Sandpiper 2018-2

I don’t often see Least Sandpipers by themsilves.

Laughing Gull 2018-6

Many Laughing Gulls were present.

Little Blue Heron 2018-4

Little Blue Heron 2018-5

Little Blue Heron 2018-6

I had to study this Little Blue Heron for a few minutes to be sure of the ID.


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