Ring Necked Duck at Terrapin Nature Park.

Yet another superb day. The sunrise at Sandy Point was quite good. I headed right for Terrapin, as the local park is closed on Tuesdays. Friends have seen some good birds on the Eastern Shore recently and I found them as well.

Terrapin was well populated with ducks and a few passerines are trickling in also.

I stopped at Kent Narrows, which continues to be disappointing.

CBEC had hundreds of distant ducks, but I got close enough to a few for some decent images.

Sandy Point 206


Sandy Point 205

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Blind 1

View from the blind at Terrapin.

Marsh Pond 10

The Marsh Pond at Terrapin.

Tundra Swan 2016-20

Tundra Swans will also be heading North soon.

Canada Goose 2016-5

This Canada Goose will be nesting soon.

Northern Harrier 2016-1

CBEC is a good spot for Northern Harriers.

Northern Pintail 2016-7

Northern Pintails will be heading North to breed soon.

Eastern Phoebe 2016-1

Eastern Phoebes are just arriving from the southern US and Central America.

Northern Shoveler 2016-6

I think this is the first Northern Shoveler I’ve seen at Terrapin.

Wood Duck 2016-7

I was in just the right spot when this Wood Duck flew over.

Wood Duck 2016-6

Wood Duck 2016-5

Not a great shot of these Wood Ducks, but I’ll get better ones soon.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-8

Red Winged Blackbirds are very active now.

Tree Swallow 2016-4

Tree Swallow 2016-5

Not perfect, but Tree Swallows in flight are tough to get.

Yellow Rumped Warbler 2016-2

Yellow Rumped Warbler 2016-3

Dozens of Yellow Rumped Warblers were feeding near the marsh pond.

Ring Necked Duck 2016-3

This female Ring Necked Duck had me stumped for a few minutes.



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