Lothian:My First Owl

Someday I’ll figure out why one birding day is better than another. I went back to Lothian today and didn’t see nearly as many birds even though the weather was better and I had more time to seek them out.

Blue Grosbeak

When I first saw this Blue Grosbeak he was sitting atop a corn plant, but I couldn’t get a decent shot.. Fortunately, he flew to a nearby willow tree and posed.


I can’t recall any place I’ve been that didn’t have a Cardinal singing nearby.


This may be a Peewee, but Flycatchers are hard to identify. There weren’t nearly as many in sight as last time I went.


I can always tell a slow day when I find my self capturing multiple Cardinals.

House Finch

This House Finch may have heard the shutter click.


My first Owl!


I’m working on an ID for this bird. Female House Finch.

Western Tiger Swallowtail

I believe this is a Western Tiger Swallowtail.

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