Black Skimmers at Bombay Hook NWR.

Graeme and I went to Bombay Hook this morning to see if my luck continues. We didn’t get much new, but there were plenty of birds to keep us entertained.

We saw a few Glossy Ibis, some eagles and fewer sandpipers than usual.

Double Crested Cormorant 2019-17

Double Crested Cormorant 2019-16

I seem to be seeing fewer Double Crested Cormorants than usual.

Catbird 2019-1

This Gray Catbird is displaying his rufous undertail coverts.

Marsh Wren 2019-2

Marsh Wren 2019-1

Marsh Wrens are easy to find at Bombay Hook.

Orchard Oriole 2019-1

This Orchard Oriole posed well.

Mute Swan 2019-1

I’m not sure what this Mute Swan is doing.

Great Egret 2019-106 Great Egret 2019-8 Great Egret 2019-7

Great Egret 2019-105

This is a common Great Egret pose.

Black Skimmer 2019-6

Black Skimmer 2019-5

Black Skimmers are a delight to watch.

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