Bald Eagle at Quiet Waters Park.

We had 4-5″ of snow yesterday, so I didn’t get out at all. I was at Sandy Point at dawn today, but it didn’t look promising, so I went straight to Quiet Waters as I suspected Thomas Point would be closed for the snow, and  it was, as I found out later.

I looked in my favorite cove first, but didn’t find much, except a Common Goldeneye, the first I’ve seen there.

I did much better at the boat dock, where a Bald Eagle provided nice looks, and a few ducks were close enough for ID shots.

South River 10 South River 11 South River 12

South River 13

A view of South River.

Mallard 2019-4

A flock of Mallards flew out toward the river.

Canada Goose 2019-7

Canada Goose 2019-6

A small flock of Canada Geese flew upriver.

Common Goldeneye 2019-7

This is the first Common Goldeneye I’ve seen at Quiet Waters.

Bald Eagle 2019-2

Bald Eagle 2019-1

This Bald Eagle seemed to want to pose.

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  1. Such a fantastic set Hugh. I just love the 4th picture of the view of the South River and all of the Mallard and Eagle pics are just beautiful. Thank you for letting us view your excellent work.

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