Long Tailed Duck at Thomas Point.

We’ve had another period of bad weather and scarce birds, but things are starting to look better.

I found a few birds at Blackwater yesterday, and did well at Thomas Point this morning. The better ducks are just starting to get here and I expect things to pick up soon.  In the meantime, I’m paying more attention to the local birds, as I should be in any case.

Blackwater Dawn 57

Sunrise at Blackwater.

Bird Feeder 2018

Very cool bird feeder at The Visitor Center.

Wildlife Drive 1

Part of Wildlife Drive.

Bufflehead 2018-59

Bufflehead 2018-60

I’m starting to see Buffleheads everywhere I go.

Eastern Bluebird 2018-13

This Eastern Bluebird was showing off at Thomas Point.

Lesser Scaup 2018-25

This Lesser Scaup was at Oakley Street.

Song Sparrow 2018-25

There are many Song Sparrows at Thomas Point.

Mallard 2018-50

Mallard on the left, Northern Shoveler on the right.

Mallard 2018-52

I found this Mallard at Truxtun Park.

Mallard 2018-51

This Mallard was a flyby at Thomas Point.

Great Blue Heron 2018-92

I’m seeing only a few Great Blue Herons.

Northern Harrier 2018-9

Northern Harrier 2018-10

I was lucky to see this Northern Harrier at Blackwater.



Bald Eagle 2018-84

It’s still easy to find Bald Eagles at Blackwater.

Ring Billed Gull 2018-4

This Ring Billed Gull was at Blackwater.

Northern Pintail 2018-24

There were many Northern Pintails.

Tundra Swan 2018-34

Tundra Swan 2018-35

The Tundra Swans have settled in at Thomas Point.


Goldfinch 2018-24

This Goldfinch was foraging at Blackwater.

Long Tailed Duck 2018-7 Long Tailed Duck 2018-6 Long Tailed Duck 2018-2 Long Tailed Duck 2018-5 Long Tailed Duck 2018-4 Long Tailed Duck 2018-3

Long Tailed Duck 2018-8

I saw very few Long Tailed Ducks last year.

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