Yellow Warbler at Blackwater NWR.

I made the trek to Blackwater in hopes of getting more action, and was only partly successful.  I managed to find a few warblers, but there wasn’t much else to see.

I spoke with fellow birder who had the same kind of luck , but we decided it was just our misfortune and we’d have to try again another day.

Eastern Phoebe 2018-2

This Eastern Phoebe is probably a migrant.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2018-50 Red Headed Woodpecker 2018-50 Red Headed Woodpecker 2018-52 Red Headed Woodpecker 2018-51

Red Headed Woodpecker 2018-51

My friendly Red Headed Woodpeckers were very cooperative today.

Eastern Kingbird 2018-26

Eastern Kingbirds will be heading South soon.

Common Yellowthroat 2018-6

Common Yellowthroat 2018-7

This Common Yellowthroat may have nested at Blackwater.

Osprey 2018-52

This first year Osprey was fishing near his old nest.

Pine Warbler 2018-2

This Pine Warbler is an early migrant.

Yellow Warbler 2018-7


Yellow Warbler 2018-6

I was looking for Nuthatches when this Yellow Warbler popped up.

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