Black Crowned Night Heron at Kiwanis Lake.

Graeme and I and Prayoon set out early for Wildwood Lake in Pennsylvania and Kiwanis Lake in York. It’s a 2 hour ride, but it turned out well. I think once a year would be worth it.

Wildwood lake wasn’t as prolific as it’s been in the past, but we found many chipmunks, an animal that has eluded me until now. A Baltimore Oriole was cooperative, but we didn’t find much else,

Kiwanis Lake was much better, with nesting egrets and herons, as well a lake full of Canada Geese and Mallards. I haven’t seen many rookeries, so it was a treat.

Roseate Spoonbill 2018-1

This very rare Roseate Spoonbill is only the fourth ever recorded in Maryland.

Mallard 2018-24

This Mallard was at Lake Artemesia a few days ago.

Great Egret 2018-27 Great Egret 2018-26 Great Egret 2018-25

Great Egret 2018-28

This young Great Egret Heron is trying out his new wings.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2018-7

This is a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron.

Mallard 2018-25

This seems to be a domestic Mallard.

Baltimore Oriole 2018-9 Baltimore Oriole 2018-8 Baltimore Oriole 2018-12 Baltimore Oriole 2018-11 Baltimore Oriole 2018-6 Baltimore Oriole 2018-5

Baltimore Oriole 2018-10

This Baltimore Oriole and her mate were feeding their chicks.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2018-6

Black Crowned Night Heron 2018-9

I seldom get this close to a Black Crowned Night Heron.

Chipmunk 2 Chipmunk 3

Chipmunk 1

I see very few chipmunks, but Wildwood Lake is home to dozens.

Eastern Box Turtle 7

This Eastern Box Turtle was crossing the path at his own speed.

Turtle 81

Many Turtles were soaking up the sunshine.



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