Snow Geese at Blackwater NWR.

I went to Blackwater yesterday, and it was a disappointment because the marsh was mostly ice, and very few ducks were around. I found some Snow Geese in a nearby field, and a couple of Eagles, but it was otherwise barren.

Thomas Point was much better, this morning. There were plenty of birds, and a good variety of species. calm winds, bright sun and temps in the forties made for a nice morning.

Thomas Point 18

Looking East from Thomas Point.

Bald Eagle 2018-2 Bald Eagle 2018-4

Bald Eagle 2018-3

I only found two Bald Eagles.

Hooded Merganser 2018-6

These Hooded Mergansers took off as soon as I found them.

Lesser Scaup 2018-7

Lesser Scaup 2018-6

Lesser Scaup 2018-8

These Scaup were spooked by a Black-backed Seagull.

Bufflehead 2018-6 Bufflehead 2018-5 Bufflehead 2018-4

Bufflehead 2018-7

This Bufflehead hen was foraging quite near shore.

Red Breasted Merganser 2018-8 Red Breasted Merganser 2018-7

Red Breasted Merganser 2018-9

A few Red Breasted Mergansers were around all morning.

Tundra Swan 2018-5

Occasionally, Tundra Swans wander out near the middle of the bay.


Red Winged Blackbird 2018-1

This huge flock of Red Winged Blackbirds was feeding in the same field as the Snow Geese.

Mallard 2018-1

Two Mallards and a Scaup.

Snow Goose 2018-2 Snow Goose 2018-1 Snow Goose 2018-3

Snow Goose 2018-4

There were several hundred Snow Geese on the ground, and many flying in and out.

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