Northern Pintail at Backwater NWR.

I left early to get to Blackwater in time for sunrise, which wasn’t very interesting. I did get a few more shots at the dock on Key Wallace Drive, though.

It was a Bald Eagle kind of day. There were plenty of them, and they seemed less shy than usual, allowing me to get quite close a few times.

A few ducks have started to arrive, but the egrets and herons are far fewer.

Dock 9

The dock at Key Wallace Drive.

Bald Eagle 2017-192 Bald Eagle 2017-191 Bald Eagle 2017-190 Bald Eagle 2017-189 Bald Eagle 2017-188 Bald Eagle 2017-186

Bald Eagle 2017-185

I’m not sure what got these Eagles so excited.

Great Blue Heron 2017-119

Great Blue Heron 2017-120

Several Great Blue Herons were fishing in the marsh.

Double Crested Cormorant 2017-115

There are always a few Double Crested Cormorants hanging around the dock.

Double Crested Cormorant 2017-114

There’s a nice balance in this photo of a Double Crested Cormorant.

Northern Pintail 2017-41

Northern Pintail 2017-42

The first Northern Pintails I’ve seen at Blackwater this year.


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