Caspian Tern at Sandy Point State Park.

I started at Sandy Point this morning, and got a fairly routine sunrise, then headed to Terrapin. There wasn’t much to see. I feel as though I have to check, as migration is well underway, but it’s very disappointing to get nothing at all.

Rather than check in at CBEC, I went back to Sandy Point, where I found a few Terns, Gulls and Sandpipers.

A quick stop at Greenbury Point was totally unproductive.

Stilt Sandpiper 2017-1 (3)

This Wood Duck was all I found at Terrapin.

Stilt Sandpiper 2017-2

Stilt Sandpiper 2017-1

A small flock of Least Sandpipers was drinking from a puddle at Sandy Point.

Seagull 2017-6 Seagull 2017-5

Seagull 2017-7

I don’t know why Seagulls seem to bathe in puddles.

Osprey 2017-104

This Osprey flew over the beach.

Fish Crow 2017-1

This Fish Crow was calling loudly.

Stilt Sandpiper 2017-1 (2)

Caspian Tern 2017-34

A group of 10 Caspian Terns was hanging out together on the beach.


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