Royal Tern at Sandy Point State Park.

It was raining early, so I  got to Terrapin around 7:30, and there wasn’t much to see in the marsh. A lone Bald Eagle flew over, and a Green heron called, but the only interesting photo opp was a lone cattle Egret in the big field near the parking lot. Later, it was joined by 7-8 more.

I decided to stop at Sandy Point to see what birds the storm might have brought in, and found a few Terns and Gulls, along with a small flock of Sanderlings. I usually drive right by Sandy Point on my way home, so I may have stop more often.

Crow 2017-6

This Crow is checking out an unguarded picnic basket at Sandy Point.

Cattle Egret 2017-4 Cattle Egret 2017-3 Cattle Egret 2017-2

Cattle Egret 2017-1

Most of the Cattle Egrets I see are at Terrapin.

Ring Billed Gull 2017-4

Ring Billed Gull 2017-5

I’m not sure why gulls, like this Ring Billed, seem to bathe.

Laughing Gull 2017-1

Laughing Gull 2017-2

This is an adult Laughing Gull.

Sanderling 2017-1

These Sanderling also seemed to be bathing.

Forster's Tern 2017-5 Forster's Tern 2017-4

Forster's Tern 2017-7

These seem to be Forster’s Terns.

Royal Tern 2017-2

Royal Tern 2017-3

This one is likely to be a Royal Tern.

Black Backed Seagull 2017-2

Black Backed Seagull 2017-3

A greater Black Backed Seagull, the world’s largest gull.



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