Red Winged Blackbird at Blackwater NWR.

Back to Blackwater on the 4th of July. I was afraid it might be crowded, but it wasn’t bad at all.

The Great Egrets seem to have come back for a while. I saw at least 20.

There wasn’t a lot of variety today, so I stopped by Maple Dam Road and caught the Swallows and Cormorants.

Blackwater Dawn 15

Blackwater Dawn.

Great Blue Heron 2017-55

I saw this Great Blue Heron as I was leaving.

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-85

One of my better Red Winged Blackbirds.

Double Crested Cormorant 2017-18

Double Crested Cormorants hang out at the Maple Dam Dock.

Osprey 2017-82

The Osprey chicks continue to thrive.

Great Egret 2017-69Great Egret 2017-68 Great Egret 2017-72


Great Egret 2017-71

20 Great Egrets were foraging in the marsh.

Bald Eagle 2017-129

This Bald Eagle seemed to be keeping watch.

Barn Swallow 2017-22

Barn Swallow 2017-23

The Barn Swallows at Maple Dam Road are still very active.


This young Deer was indifferent to my presence.

The Old Dock

This abandoned dock is at Maple Dam Road.

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