Orchard Oriole at Wooton’s Landing.

I hadn’t been to Wooton in a while, so I gave it a try this morning with mixed results. There were a few birds around, but they weren’t showing themselves.

I did manage a few images, but I’ve been spoiled in the last few days and was hoping for more.

Catbird 2016-8

This Gray Catbird was one of the few cooperative birds.

Song Sparrow 2016-7

Song Sparrows are abundant at Wooton.

Orchard Oriole 2016-12 Orchard Oriole 2016-11 Orchard Oriole 2016-10 Orchard Oriole 2016-9

Orchard Oriole 2016-8

Orchard Orioles were plentiful and singing loudly.

Raccoon 13

Raccoon 12

It’s rare to see a Raccoon in the daytime.


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