Tree Swallow at Patuxent NWR.

I decided to change my luck this morning and go to Patuxent South, which I haven’t visited for a year. A few friends have done well there, so I figured it was my turn.

It wasn’t bad, with plenty of birds to choose from, but still no warblers. I had the place basically to myself, and that’s always a bonus.

Osprey 2016-39

This Osprey was resting after a bout of fishing.

Canada Goose 2016-9

Canada Goose 2016-10

I found this Canada Goose with goslings at Patuxent North.

Wood Duck 2016-21

Wood Duck 2016-22

Several Wood Ducks were foraging in the shallow water.

Killdeer 2016-2 Killdeer 2016-1

Killdeer 2016-4

Killdeer 2016-3

Four or five Killdeer were feeding along the edge of the lake.

Double Crested Cormorant 2016-20

Four Double Crested Cormorants flew by early in the day.

Bluebird 2016-5

This Bluebird was feeding his chicks.

Mallard 2016-35

Mallards flew over the lake several times.

Lesser Yellowlegs 2016-5

Lesser Yellowlegs 2016-6

This Lesser Yellowlegs was foraging alongside the geese.

Tree Swallow 2016-20

Tree Swallow 2016-21

Tree Swallow 2016-18 Tree Swallow 2016-17

Tree Swallow 2016-19

Tree Swallows were also busy feeding their young.


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