Starling at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

Sunrise was a little better than average at Sandy Point. The fishermen are starting to show up, so I may have to share my best spots.

I decided to try the Eastern Shore again, and it may not have been my best idea. Terrapin was very slow, and the birds at CBEC are still very elusive.

Someone, likely vandals, burned down the South Blind at Terrapin, taking away a very good site.Sandy Point 212

Sandy Point 211

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Blind 2

The remains of the South blind, a favorite spot.

Canvasback 2016-17

This Canvasback hen was hidden in the reeds, and flew off as I approached.

Tree Swallow 2016-8 Tree Swallow 2016-7 Tree Swallow 2016-6

Tree Swallow 2016-9

Tree Swallow boxes line the entrance to CBEC.

Wood Duck 2016-8

Wood Duck 2016-9

I was just in time to catch these Wood Ducks as they passed overhead.

Fish Crow 2016-1

This is a Fish Crow, which you can always tell by the croaking song.

Canada Goose 2016-6

Several Canada Geese seem content to stay at CBEC.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-9

You can usually rely on a Red Winged Blackbird for a photo opp.

Starling 2016-1

Starling 2016-2

These Starlings are in breeding plumage, and posed in good light.



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