Yellow Bellied Sapsucker at Quiet Waters.

It was so cloudy this morning that I didn’t get started until after 8:00. I decided to stay at Quiet Waters for a while, and it was a good choice. There were more birds and more variety than in a long while.

The Ruddy Ducks that have been missing all Winter were there, as well as Ospreys, Eagles  and Grebes.

Things are looking up!

White Breasted Nuthatch 2016-1

I didn’t have quite enough shutter speed for this White Breasted Nuthatch in the shade.

Bald Eagle 2016-31

Bald Eagle 2016-29 Bald Eagle 2016-27

Bald Eagle 2016-30

Bald Eagles were numerous today.

Ruddy Duck 2016-4

Ruddy Duck 2016-3

Ruddy Ducks are usually numerous at Quiet Waters in the Winter, but not this year.

Osprey 2016-11

This Osprey was almost directly overhead.

Bald Eagle 2016-28

Yet another Eagle/Osprey dispute.

Horned Grebe 2016-15

Horned Grebe 2016-14

Horned Grebe 2016-13

Horned Grebe 2016-12

Horned Grebes seem to be everywhere this week. They’ll be leaving to breed in Canada soon.

Double Crested Cormorant 2016-10

Double Crested Cormorant 2016-11

You can often find Double Crested Cormorants at Quiet Waters, but not in large numbers.

Robin 2016-2

I found this Robin in my front yard when I got home.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 2016-1

This is the first Yellow Bellied Sapsucker I’ve seen in quite a while.




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