Carolina Chickadee at Quiet Waters.

Graeme and I went to Possum Point this morning, with a brief stop on the new Severn River bridge to catch the sunrise. Possum Point was a bit slow, so we headed to Beach Road, which was busier, but the light was lousy.

Quiet Waters remains quiet. There should be more ducks at this time of year.

Possum Point 126

Sunrise at Possum Point.


NSR Bridge 1

Morning at the new Severn River bridge.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-5

Red Winged Blackbirds are enthusiasitc singers.

Horned Grebe 2016-8

This is the time of year to see Horned Grebes.

Greater Black Backed Seagull 2016-2

Greater Black Backed Seagull 2016-1

Greater Black Backed Seagulls are fairly common on the bay.

Osprey 2016-4

This Osprey was fishing at Possum Point.

Chickadee 2016-1

This Carolina Chickadee was foraging at Quiet Waters.

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