Horned Grebe at Beach Road.

I started at Sandy Point this morning, and saw a decent sunrise, but very few birds.

Possum Point was next, and the Osprey numbers are increasing, but there wasn’t much else of interest.

I spent more time at Beach Road this morning, without much success, but I see future possibilities.

Quiet Waters was Quiet once again.

Sandy Point 201 Sandy Point 200

Possum Point 125 Possum Point 124

Sandy Point 199

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Osprey 2016-3

This Osprey pair will soon be mating and nest building.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-4

Yet another Red Winged Blackbird seeking a mate.

Bufflehead 2016-13

Bufflehead 2016-12

These Buffleheads were the only ducks I saw at Quiet Waters.

Horned Grebe 2016-7

Horned Grebe 2016-6

This Horned Grebe is in breeding plumage.

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